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One-year Bachelor of Education (BEd)

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Bachelor Degree


1 Year

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English / Nepali

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Nepal Open University


Nepal Open University Offers One Year Bachelor level education program such as a Bachelor of Education. One-year Bachelor of Education (BEd) refers to one of the initial teacher training programmes, which leads to obtaining a teacher license. This programme has been designed for those who have already done a Bachelors degree in non-teacher education programmes.

Bachelor graduates from other than teacher education programmes can enroll themselves into One-year Bachelor of Education by choosing their relevant subject or a generic subject to attain teacher qualification, but the university may set a minimum standard for the application. The standard criteria may include minimum grades obtained in the junior or previous degree, written entrance test, and verbal interviews. A full-time enrolled student can complete this course in two consecutive semesters.

Nepal Open University has set its principles to reach out to the people who have their various obligations on their way and cannot attend face-to-face university tutorial sessions but want to attain a higher qualification in their interest area from their place. Nepal Open University emphasizes the “flexibility, inclusivity, practicality and accessibility” of educational programmes. For realising these principles in action, the university has adopted internet

facilities. University tutors deliver courses in the virtual learning environment (VLE) and students from distances meet their tutors on particularly Skype and Microsoft Teams in their flexible time, for example, after work in the evening, on public holidays, and on weekends.

Tutors and students communicate through their emails, MOODLE (modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment), and other social networking apps. For the practical activities of various courses at the university, the university manages learning centres and laboratory at various places in the country where the students are placed to do a practicum and develop their practical skills. For teaching practice in teacher education programme, the university establishes a bilateral relationship with certain schools at various locations in the country. One-year Bachelor of Education (One-year BEd) at Nepal Open University of the teacher education programmes.

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