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Mangal Multiple Campus Hosts Educational Proposal Writing Workshop

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Mangal Multiple Campus Hosts Educational Proposal Writing Workshop

Mangal Multiple Campus Hosts Educational Proposal Writing Workshop

A pivotal academic event recently took place at the Mangal Multiple Campus in Kirtipur. Designed to foster intellectual growth and hone research skills, an educational proposal writing workshop was conducted successfully. This workshop focused on ensuring participants acquire critical research expertise for future projects.

Role of Research in Community Campus Quality

The significance of research was highlighted by Subhalakshmi Shakya, Deputy Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality. She emphasized the pivotal role research plays in ensuring quality in community campuses. This statement amplifies the importance of such workshops in transforming educational standards at community-based institutions.

Acquired Skills Facilitate Research Efforts

The Campus head, Pradeep Maharjan, asserted the ease of conducting research with the skills imbibed from the workshop. He emphasized that the newly equipped skills would simplify the often daunting task of academic research. The workshop thus served as an avenue for enhancing the capabilities of the participants in terms of research methodologies and practices.

Academic Dignitaries Express Opinions

In a session chaired by coordinator Vinesh Shrestha, several esteemed academicians, including Prof. Dr. Shivsharan Maharjan, Prof. Dr. Lakshmi Bahadur Maharjan, Prof. Dr. Shyamakrishna Maharjan, Dr. Padma Prasad Khatiwada, and Dr. Siddhi Bahadur Maharjan shared their insightful perspectives. Their contributions significantly enriched the discourse on the relevance and application of research skills acquired through such workshops.

Mangal Multiple Campus's Contribution to Academic Research

In a commitment to fostering a research-friendly environment, the campus has been consistently publishing the Mars Research Journal. This step reaffirms their dedication to promoting intellectual growth and academic progress within the community. This academic journal serves as a platform for sharing high-quality, original research, thereby contributing to the broader scholarly discourse.

This unique event and its effective organization underscore Mangal Multiple Campus's unwavering commitment to enhancing academic capabilities and empowering its community with critical research skills.

Remember, a commitment to fostering continuous learning and improvement lies at the heart of all successful academic institutions. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Published on 19th June 2023


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