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Ninth GCES IT Expo-2080: Showcasing Talent and Creativity in Information Technology

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Ninth GCES IT Expo-2080

Ninth GCES IT Expo-2080: Showcasing Talent and Creativity in Information Technology

The Ninth GCES IT Expo-2080 kicked off on Thursday, 8th June 2023, at Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) in Lamachaur. This two-day event, organized by the students of Software Engineering-2018 batch, aims to promote talent and creativity among students while raising awareness about the field of software engineering and information technology. With a variety of activities planned, including software demonstrations, coding competitions, hardware showcases, sports competitions, and cultural programs, the expo promises to be an engaging and enriching experience for all attendees.

Inaugurating the expo, Sushila Sinkha, the Minister of Social Development and Health of Gandaki Province, emphasized the significance of such exhibitions in the rapidly advancing field of information technology. Minister Sinkha expressed her commitment to supporting initiatives like these in the future, highlighting the importance of education as a means to acquire knowledge and contribute to society.

The expo boasts 30 stalls, each showcasing unique projects and innovations developed by the talented students of the Software Engineering-2018 batch. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of software applications and technologies, gaining insights into the cutting-edge developments in the industry.

Notable personalities from the field of education and technology have expressed their delight at the continuation of this program in Gandaki. Prada Vinayak Bhadra, a member of Gandaki Public Educational Guthi, Dr. Dhakaram Bhandari, Executive Director of Gandaki State Academy of Science and Technology, Baburam Acharya, former secretary of the Government of Nepal, and Nirmal Baral, Campus Head of Western Institute of Engineering Studies, among others, commended the organizers for their efforts. They acknowledged the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had forced the suspension of such events in the past, making the resumption of the expo all the more significant.

Birendra Khadka, the principal of Gandaki College of Engineering and Science, expressed his warm welcome to the attendees in his speech. He highlighted the institution's dedication to the holistic development of its students, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of Gandaki Boarding School and Gandaki College of Engineering and Science. Principal Khadka acknowledged the students' instrumental role in reviving the expo after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Additionally, he mentioned the inter-school attendance competition, tree planting, and blood donation programs that were held concurrently with the expo.

In the Debate Competition, SOS Gandaki secured the first position, followed by Brahmarupa Secondary School in second place and Ambika Secondary School in third. Principal Khadka presented the awards to the winners, acknowledging their exemplary performance. Furthermore, around 80 individuals generously donated blood during the event, demonstrating the community's commitment to social welfare.

The expo welcomes students, teachers, and the general public from schools and campuses in the Pokhara area to visit the exhibition, which opens at 9 am. Gandaki College of Engineering and Science holds the distinction of being Nepal's first community software engineering college, offering undergraduate programs in software engineering, as well as postgraduate programs in computer engineering and information system engineering. With its dedication to fostering innovation and excellence, Gandaki College continues to contribute to the advancement of the information technology sector in Nepal.

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