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Viswa Niketan Secondary School Marks Its 78th Anniversary

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Viswa Niketan Secondary School Marks Its 78th Anniversary

Viswa Niketan Secondary School Marks Its 78th Anniversary with Grand Celebrations

In a grand celebration marking its 78th year, Viswa Niketan Secondary School, situated in the heart of Tripureshwar, showcased its commitment to educational excellence and community engagement. The school, renowned for its rich history and contributions to the education sector, hosted a series of events to commemorate this significant milestone.

During the festivities, the school acknowledged the hard work and dedication of its teaching staff and students by awarding prizes to those who have excelled in various competitions throughout the year. This act of recognition not only celebrated individual achievements but also reinforced the school's ethos of striving for excellence.

Hiralal Tandukar, the Ward President of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No. 11, was present at the celebration. He praised Viswa Niketan Secondary School for its exceptional educational standards, achieved despite the challenges posed by limited resources. Tandukar called upon the community to support the school further, emphasizing its potential to attract more students by becoming a center of educational excellence.

The school's Principal, Herambaraj Kadel, reflected on the journey to the school's current success, attributing it to the collective efforts of the teaching staff, administrative team, and the School Management Committee. He highlighted the supportive community around the school, including the active involvement of parents and the local community, as a key factor in its success.

Viswa Niketan Secondary School, offering education from nursery through to class 12, has played a pivotal role in shaping the futures of many students. The anniversary event saw the participation of headmasters from various schools within Kathmandu Metropolitan City, former headmasters, current and former officials of the School Management Committee, members of the Teachers' Parents Association, and a wide array of students, alumni, and staff.

A highlight of the event was the release of the school's publication, "World Garden," which symbolizes the school's vision of spreading knowledge and fostering a global perspective among its students.

This anniversary celebration not only marked a significant chapter in the school's history but also set the stage for future endeavors aimed at enhancing educational opportunities and outcomes for students in Kathmandu and beyond.

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