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VSDTA Itahari Application Opens for Skill Based Free Training

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VSDTA Itahari Application Opens for Skill Based Free Training

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Vocational and Skill Development Training Academy (VSDTA), Itahari, Sunsari, Notice for conducting skill-based free training.

Since the following skill-based training will be conducted free of cost from Vocational and Skill Development Training Academy (VSDTA), Itahari, Sunsari; This information has been published for the Nepali citizens who wish to participate in the training to fill out the application form within 7 days from the date of publication of this information. No action will be taken on the application which has expired and has not reached the due date.

Training Details:

Training Courses  Silai Katai Training
Electrical Training
Beautician Training
Plumbing Training
Academic Qualification: Passed Class 7
Venue of training:  VSDTA, Itahari
Training Duration:  390 Hours
The place to Get and Submit Applications: Office of VSDTA, Itahari


  • The trainee should submit the application form, Nepali citizenship, and educational qualification certificates along with the copy by 2079-01-19 (the next day in case of a public holiday) and submit it at the mentioned place within office hours.
  • Candidates wishing to take the training should be between 18 and 45 years of age
  • Trainee selection will be done through interviews Information regarding the selection of trainees will be posted on the notice board of the academy on the same day.
  • Alternative trainees will be recruited in place of the trainees who are not enrolled within three (3) days of the commencement of the training.
  • An average of 20 trainees will be involved in a group.
  • Destitute Priority will be given to the disabled, disabled, martyr's family, single women, and people from the backward areas.
  • Accommodation and meals will be arranged by the participants themselves
  • If a person is selected for the training and leaves the training without any reason, he/she will not be kept in the government records and will not be allowed to participate in any kind of training conducted by the academy in the future.
  • The training will be conducted on public holidays and even on Saturdays
  • For more information: Phone no. 025-081016 or Website:

First published: 2079-01-13

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