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25 Marks Internal Assessment in Mathematics for SEE Exam

News 28 Jul 2023 1144 0

NEB-National Examination Board

Addressing the Challenges of Secondary Education Examination (SEE) Class 10 Results

Amidst criticisms concerning the SEE Class 10 results, the government has introduced measures aimed at boosting pass rates and bettering the comprehension of the subject for students.

Incorporation of Internal Practical Test in Mathematics:

  • In a bid to elevate the SEE Class 10 results, an internal practical test of 25 marks in mathematics has been integrated.
  • Apart from mathematics, all other compulsory subjects have maintained an internal assessment of 25 marks.

Current Challenges in Government Schools:

  • Lack of dedicated subject teachers and math labs in government schools.
  • The internal evaluation hasn't necessarily translated to higher grades in SEE results, but it has influenced the teaching and learning experiences.

Recent SEE Examination Insights:

  • As per Bishnu Narayan Shrestha, controller of the National Examination Board's SEE exam:

    • Over 200,000 students scored less than a 1.6 GPA this year.
    • These students were categorized under D and E groups.
  • Mathematics, in particular, saw concerning results:

    • From a total of 483,565 participants, 24,268 students scored less than 30 marks in Mathematics.
    • Disturbingly, 42.24% of students did not pass the mathematics paper.

Feedback from Educators:

  • Maths teacher Dilliram Paudel suggests that the inclusion of internal assessment is aimed at making mathematics more practical.
  • However, the lack of ethical considerations by school teachers can distort results. It has been observed that some teachers might give arbitrary marks with the intention of having more students pass.
  • According to Vishwa Niketan Secondary School teacher Paudel, true learning in mathematics arises only when students are engaged practically.
  • There's a significant need for regulations and constant monitoring to maintain the authenticity and credibility of internal evaluations.

It's evident that the new curriculum seeks to intertwine practical learning in mathematics, emphasizing the significance of hands-on experience. Yet, it's also crucial for educational institutions to uphold ethical standards and ensure that students genuinely grasp the subject matter. As the new internal practical test in mathematics rolls out, it will be imperative to keep a watchful eye on its implementation and outcomes.


NEB - National Examinations Board

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

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