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Education Minister Devendra Poudel and KMC Chief Balendra Shah Discuss for Education Reforms

News 20 Jul 2022 170 0

Ministry of Education

Education, Science, and Technology Minister Devendra Paudel have asked Kathmandu Metropolitan City Chief Balendra Sah to embark on the 'We Build, Our School Campaign' to improve educational institutions.

In a meeting held at the Ministry at Singhdarbar, Minister Paudel stated that the teacher vacancies in Kathmandu Metropolitan City have been completed and mentioned that now the Metropolitan City should pay attention to the quality of education.

'The performance of the teacher is regularly monitored and the students understand whether there is a learning environment or not? The Metropolitan Corporation had to monitor that regularly', Education Minister Paudel told Sah. Minister Poudel emphasized that the school including Durbar High School within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is ready to be made a model school.

'The Metropolitan Municipality should plan for model schools and teaching learning along with the physical infrastructure', Minister Poudel said, 'The Ministry supports the Metropolitan City in its difficulties.' Minister Paudel says that teachers should not only teach students in schools but also during home visits.

Chief Sah said that monitoring work is being done from 6 am to 10 am in 90 schools within the metropolitan city and there is a need for digital boards. "We are regularly monitoring the schools", Shah said, "The Ministry had to arrange an amount of 500 million for the provision of smart board locker system in all schools."

Sah said that the books that the students carry are too many and difficult, and a locker system should be arranged to keep the books.