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Educational Support for Underprivileged Students in Nepalgunj from Shakti Group

News 15 Oct 2023 418 0

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Educational Support for Underprivileged Students in Nepalgunj from Shakti Group

Nepalgunj, October 14, 2023 - Demonstrating a tangible commitment to education and societal uplift, Shakti Group has extended a helping hand to underprivileged students in Nepalgunj, distributing essential educational materials to 25 children across five community schools. This initiative, aimed at students who have ceased or are on the brink of discontinuing their educational journey, provided vital resources such as copies, pens, clothes, shoes, and bags.

Uplifting the Disadvantaged through Educational Aid

Nirmala Paudel, the Lumbini Regional Coordinator for Shakti Group, enlightened that the beneficiaries were students hailing from impoverished, disadvantaged families, ensuring that the assistance was directed where it was imperatively needed. The schools involved in this compassionate act include Dhambozhi Secondary School, Fultekra Secondary School, Sharda Lower Secondary School Gadrianpurwa, Nepal Rastriya Secondary School Kanthipur, and Nepal Rastriya Awashiya Secondary School Jaispur.

Local Authorities Acknowledge and Encourage such Endeavors

During the distribution event, Tarun Bajracharya, the ward president of Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan city-12, and Paudel ceremoniously handed over the educational materials to the students. Bajracharya underscored the paramount role of such initiatives in enhancing school accessibility for students. He emphasized that while these programs ought ideally to be orchestrated by local government, the auxiliary role played by social organizations like Shakti Group is pivotal and commendable. A pledge was made for increased budget and program allocation in the educational sector, alongside a call for collective support and cooperation to forge an environment where every child has unhindered access to education.

Shakti Group: A Beacon of Support and Awareness

Paudel conveyed that Shakti Group, alongside increasing accessibility and promoting quality education, also plays a vital role in amplifying public awareness about human trafficking. The group has unfurled similar initiatives in Nepalgunj, Kaski, and Kathmandu as part of their broader agenda. Under the 'Rescue and Protection Path Project from Canals', aligned with the Operation Underground Rail Road (OUR) project, the organization has catered to students from classes 6 to 10 in the aforementioned schools. Previous endeavors have also seen them provide support, including two computers each, to another 25 students from various other schools last year.

Promoting Awareness on Human Trafficking

Simultaneously, Shakti Group, which ardently advocates for a human trafficking-free society, facilitated an interaction with students, disseminating crucial information about the evolving nature of human trafficking and online child sexual exploitation. This synthesis of educational support and awareness propagation underscores a holistic approach towards safeguarding and empowering the younger generation against multifaceted challenges.

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