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Empowering Education and Cultural Preservation: Insights from Gandaki Province's Minister

News 19 Feb 2023 445 0

Gandaki Province's Minister of Internal Affairs and Law, Roshan Gahamgar, recently emphasized the importance of educational empowerment to establish administrative and political access, stating that the population alone cannot ensure this. Speaking at a cultural and original dance competition and training program organized by the Indigenous Students Association PN Campus Committee, Minister Magar pointed out that while the tribal community has a large population, it is still weak in terms of accessibility.

Minister Gahamgar further highlighted the need to protect the cultural richness of the Indegenious community, which is an integral part of the region's natural beauty. He urged students to study and learn from student life and be serious about cultural preservation. Additionally, the minister advised student leaders to work together for the betterment of the community, regardless of political affiliations.

The event also saw the announcement of the winners of the mass open cultural and dance competition, with Didi Dance Studio taking first place, followed by New Galaxy Boarding School and Fullmoon Dance Studio in second and third place, respectively. The organizers also awarded Deep Magar Society and Gyanu Baba Boarding School for their participation, with each receiving consolation prizes of 2,000.

Furthermore, the event recognized outstanding performers in solo dance, with Yashoda Roka, Saru Khatri, and Daniyal securing first, second, and third place, respectively, and receiving prizes of 5,000, 3,000, and 2,000, respectively.

It is commendable to see initiatives that promote the cultural and artistic richness of a region, and the event serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and celebrating the unique cultural identity of communities. Through such events, the government and communities can work together to promote cultural diversity, education, and inclusivity, which are essential for sustainable development.

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