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Manav Rachna University Announced Scholarships for Nepali Students

News 03 Mar 2024 173 0

Manav Rachna University Announced Scholarships for Nepali Students

Manav Rachna University Announced Scholarships for Nepali Students

Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, located in New Delhi, India, has extended its commitment to provide quality education by offering scholarships to Nepali students. The institute recently organized an information program in Kathmandu, where it announced its intention to provide up to 50% scholarships to Nepali students, enabling them to access international-level education at concessional fees.

Anjali Balachandran, the Marketing Deputy General Manager of Manav Rachna, emphasized the institute’s dedication to quality education and its readiness to create employment opportunities for students post-studies. Speaking at the event, she highlighted the university’s focus on nurturing entrepreneurial skills among students.

The initiative has been facilitated by the Indo-global Foundation, an organization promoting Indian education in Nepal for over 13 years. Sudan Chauhan, the Managing Director of the Foundation, expressed satisfaction with the performance of Nepali students who have previously studied at Manav Rachna. He emphasized the Foundation’s collaboration with the institute to provide international quality education to Nepali students, benefiting over 200 students thus far.

Dr. OP Bhalla, the founder of Manav Rachna University, established the institution with the aim of producing quality engineering and management professionals. As a deemed university, it offers education in various fields including engineering, management, psychology, economics, computer science, humanities, education, law, interior design, commerce and business.

With a diverse student body from over 20 countries and a range of academic programs exceeding 100, Manav Rachna has fostered a global learning environment. The university boasts a strong alumni network of over 39,000 individuals and has forged partnerships with 25 centers of excellence and numerous academic institutions and industries worldwide.

Additionally, the Career Development Center at Manav Rachna assists students in securing employment opportunities post-graduation, focusing on both technical skills and soft skills development. The university’s emphasis on holistic development is evident through its extracurricular activities and sports programs, which contribute to the overall growth of students.

The decision to offer scholarships to Nepali students reflects Manav Rachna’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities beyond borders and promoting excellence in higher education. This initiative not only enhances access to quality education but also strengthens the ties between India and Nepal in the realm of academia.