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Ministry of Education Bulletin 2080 Falgun 1

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Ministry of Education

President's Educational Reform Program for the upcoming year 2081/082 Notice regarding submission of proposals

The Government of Nepal invites schools to participate in the President's Educational Reform Program for the academic year 2081/082. This initiative aims to bolster the educational infrastructure, incorporate technology in learning, and enhance vocational training across the nation.

Focus Areas for Development:

School Infrastructure Enhancement

Schools experiencing a shortage of classrooms due to increased student populations are encouraged to apply for the construction of 4-room buildings. Eligibility is contingent upon land ownership and the need for essential facilities like school toilets.

Technology Integration in Education

The program seeks to establish Information Technology labs and digital libraries, particularly in secondary schools lacking these resources. Proposals should prioritize high-student population schools up to class 8 and detail plans for internet connectivity and room availability for tech-related activities.

Vocational and Technical Program Support

With an emphasis on skill-based learning, proposals for technical education streams are also solicited. This is a unique chance for schools that have not previously been chosen for technical education grants to submit their plans for developing such programs.

Submission Guidelines and Process:

To ensure a structured and fair process, the submission guidelines are as follows:

  1. Eligible Schools: Proposals should come from schools that meet the specified criteria, including infrastructure and technological needs.

  2. Proposal Prioritization: A maximum of three schools per category will be considered, with preference given to those with prepared documents, including recommendations from local levels.

  3. Document Preparation: Submit proposals in the prescribed format using Font Kalamati, Size 11. Proposals must include a decision copy from the school management committee and a recommendation letter from the local level.

  4. Submission Protocol: Proposals, along with certified Excel Sheets, should be sent electronically and in hard copy to the designated email and address by the stipulated deadline.

  5. Evaluation and Selection: The Education Development and Coordination Unit will assess proposals, maintaining separate files for each school to ensure transparency.

Important Reminders:

  • Proposals must be submitted by the deadline to be considered.
  • Adhere strictly to the recommended format and font specifications.
  • Incomplete or improperly formatted proposals will not be accepted.


Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Singhadurbar, Kathmandu

Estd. 1951



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