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Nepal Police Published Notice for Non-Attendee Police Personnel

News 26 Jul 2022 20176 0

Nepal Police Notice

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs, Nepal Police Headquarters Naxal, (Secretariat of Inspector General of Police -IGP, Legal Section)

Since you police personnel of the following description have been voluntarily absent from the office since the following date and have not come in contact with the office even after the process has been completed and the notice has been filed in accordance with Rule 115 of the Police Regulations, 2071; This notification has been published about the appearance.

Please appear at this office or the office issuing the notice within seven (7) days from the date of publication of this notice with a satisfactory explanation explaining the reason for your non-appearance.

Otherwise, you will be removed from service as per Rule 109 (b) (1) of Rule 109 of the Police Regulation for violation of Clause (f) of Sub-rule (1) of Rule 113 of 2071. For the purpose of demand 4 of Schedule 14 of the Police Regulations, 2071, you are informed that you have been given a chance for clarification through this collective notice.

Notice publication date:-2079-04-10

Nepal Police

Nepal Police (Nepal Prahari)

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