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Tribhuvan University Mandates In-Person Classes for Higher Education Programs

News 04 Feb 2024 437 0

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Tribhuvan University Mandates In-Person Classes for Higher Education Programs

In a significant update from Tribhuvan University, the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has issued a clear directive regarding the mode of lecture delivery. The University has decided to revert to traditional, in-person classes, dismissing the possibility of conducting online lectures for its higher education programs.

This decision comes after a period of confusion following an initial announcement that suggested some departments, campuses, and colleges under the university might offer online classes. The Dean's Office has now clarified that the university's infrastructure and policies do not support such a system for lecture delivery.

Key Highlights from the Notification:

  • Strict Adherence to Physical Presence: The Dean's Office has mandated that all educational programs, including Master's (MA), Postgraduate Diplomas (PGD), and Bachelor's degrees (BA/BCA/BSW), which follow the Semester System Operation Procedure of 2074, must conduct classes in person.
  • Regulation Compliance: The notification emphasizes that any decision to conduct online classes must align with the Regulation on the conduct of classes through electronic means (online) and open and distance education programs of Tribhuvan University, 2077. Since no such decision has been finalized, online classes are not permitted.
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance: The Dean's Office warns that departments or campuses conducting online classes without proper authorization will bear the consequences. Specifically, the office will not recognize the coursework completed in this format, jeopardizing the students' ability to sit for final examinations.

The University's stance reflects a commitment to ensuring the quality and integrity of its academic programs. By insisting on in-person lectures, Tribhuvan University aims to provide an educational environment that fosters direct interaction between students and faculty, an essential component of the learning experience.

This directive is a reminder for all concerned departments, campuses, and colleges to align their operations with the university's regulations. The Dean's Office urges compliance to avoid any disruption in the academic progress of students enrolled in these programs.

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