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Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy Yearly Calendar 2080 / 2081

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Lok Sewa Aayog Annual Vacancy Calendar 2080/81 (2023/2024) Overview

The Public Service Commission (PSC), also known as Lok Sewa Aayog, has officially issued its yearly vacancy calendar for the fiscal year 2080/81 (2023/2024). This pivotal calendar clearly details the month-wise vacancy fulfillment in various government positions, with its effectiveness spanning from Shrawan 1st, 2080 to Ashad 31st, 2081 (17th July 2023 to 16h July 2024).  It includes details such as job VacanciesExams, and the result of various positions.

Acting as the core guiding document for the PSC, the calendar encompasses comprehensive details about job vacancies, examinations, and results across various roles. As a government body, the PSC is responsible for procurement and staff recommendations for government institutions. Those interested can download a PDF version of the calendar via the provided link.

Lok Sewa Aayog: Ensuring Transparent Hiring across Government Bodies

Financial Institutions:

  1. Employees Provident Fund
  2. Nepal Bank Limited
  3. Citizen Investment Fund
  4. Nepal Rastra Bank
  5. Rastriya Banijya Bank
  6. Agricultural Development Bank
  7. Deposit and Credit Guarantee Fund
  8. Rastriya Beema Sansthan
  9. Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd.
  10. Nepal Securities Board
  11. National Reinsurance Company Ltd.
  12. National Insurance Company Ltd.
  13. Beema Samiti

Regulatory & Administrative Bodies:

  1. Nepal Civil Aviation Authority
  2. Nepal Telecommunication Authority
  3. National Forensic Science Laboratory
  4. National Examination Board
  5. Nagar Bikas Kosh
  6. Industrial Area Management Ltd.
  7. Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
  8. Kathmandu Valley Development Authority
  9. Nepal Intermodal Transport Development Committee
  10. Press Council Nepal
  11. Social Security Fund
  12. Nepal Electricity Authority

Healthcare & Medical Research:

  1. Shaheed Dharmabhakta National Transplant Center
  2. Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences
  3. Rapti Academy of Health Sciences
  4. BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospitals
  5. Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS)
  6. Karnali Academy of Health Sciences
  7. National Institute of Medical Sciences
  8. Nepal Health Research Council
  9. Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center
  10. Civil Servants Hospital
  11. Paropakar Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Development Committee

Educational & Research Institutions:

  1. Nepal Academy of Science and Technology
  2. Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC)
  3. Administrative Staff College (NASC)
  4. Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)
  5. Nepal Academy of Music and Drama
  6. Nepal Academy of Fine Arts
  7. Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management (NATHM)
  8. University Grants Commission (UGC)

Public Utilities & Infrastructure:

  1. Nepal Telecom
  2. Nepal Transit & Warehouse Management Company Ltd.
  3. Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company Ltd.
  4. Hetauda Cement Industries Ltd.
  5. Udaipur Cement Industry Ltd.
  6. Nepal Railway Company Ltd.
  7. National Transmission and Grid Company Limited
  8. Nepal Airlines Corporation
  9. Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Ltd.
  10. Nepal Oil Corporation
  11. Food Management & Trade Company Ltd.
  12. Nepal Electricity Authority

Cultural & Social Institutions:

  1. National News Committee
  2. Janak Shiksha Samagri Kendra Ltd.
  3. Nepal Chartered Accountants Institution
  4. Nepal Pragya Pratishthan
  5. National Judicial Council
  6. Social Welfare Council
  7. Agricultural Ingredients Company Ltd.
  8. National Tea, and Coffee Development Board
  9. Nepal Tourism Board
  10. Pashupati Area Development Fund
  11. Law Book Management Committee
  12. Sajha Prakashan
  13. Nepal Television
  14. Cultural Institute
  15. Lumbini Development Trust
  16. National Cooperative Development Board
  17. Nepal Forest Corporation
  18. Gorkhapatra Sansthan
  19. Herbs Production & Processing Co. Ltd.
  20. International Conference Center Development Committee
  21. Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Management Board
  22. Dairy Development Corporation (DDC)
  23. Sajha Yatayat
  24. Sajha Swasthya Sewa
  25. Radio Broadcasting Service Development Committee
  26. Central Law Library Development Committee
  27. Cotton Development Committee
  28. Trade and Export Promotion Center
  29. Alternative Energy Promotion Center
  30. Kalimati Vegetable and Fruit Development Committee
  31. Hetauda Hospital Development Committee
  32. Buddhist Promotion & Gumba Development Committee
  33. CDS and Clearing Ltd.
  34. Guthi Institute
  35. Singha Durbar Vaidyakhana Development Committee
  36. Public Health Services Cooperative Society Ltd.

These institutions and many more make up the wide spectrum of opportunities available through the Lok Sewa Aayog, promoting a transparent and merit-based recruitment process.

The Lok Sewa Aayog’s annual calendar is an essential resource for all aspiring candidates looking to join the government sector. It provides clear, concise, and accurate information about job vacancies, exam schedules, and results. By making this information readily available, the Lok Sewa Aayog promotes transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the recruitment and placement of staff in various government institutions across Nepal.

Download Annual Vacancy Calender 2080-81.PDF

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