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Bagmati Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy Yearly Calendar 2080 / 2081

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Bagmati Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Notice

Bagmati Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Annual Vacancies Calendar 2080/2081

The Bagmati Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog, also known as the Province Public Service Commission of Bagmati Province (PPSC Bagmati Province), has officially released its annual and yearly vacancy schedule for the Nepali year 2080/2081 (2023/2024). This comprehensive calendar guides aspirants with the month of vacancy publications, written exams, results, and more.

PPSC Bagmati Pradesh Yearly calendar clearly details the month-wise vacancy fulfillment in various government positions, with its effectiveness spanning from Shrawan 1st, 2080 to Ashad 31st, 2081 (17th July 2023 to 16th July 2024).  It includes details such as job VacanciesExams, and the result of various positions.

Officer and Assistant Level Posts

The Province Public Service Commission, Bagmati Pradesh has outlined the annual vacancy schedule for the Nepali year 2080/81 (2023/24), detailing job opportunities at both Officer and Assistant levels. These roles span across numerous services, including both non-technical and technical positions.

Officer Level Posts

In accordance with sub-rule (1) of Rule 5, the following positions are open for applications:

  • Eleventh Grade Officer Level: Non-technical and technical posts in various services are available at this level.

  • Ninth Grade Officer Level: Diverse services require individuals for both non-technical and technical positions at this level.

  • Seventh/Eighth Grade Officer Level: Numerous services have vacancies in non-technical and technical roles for this grade.

Assistant Level Posts

The schedule also details vacancies in the following Assistant Level positions:

  • Assistant Level 5: Both non-technical and technical posts are vacant in a variety of services at this level.

  • Assistant Level 4: A multitude of services seek individuals for non-technical and technical roles at this level.

Furthermore, there are openings in non-categorized roles like Forest Guard, Armed Forest Guard, etc.

Institutional Organizations at Provincial and Local Levels

For aspirants aiming to work in institutional organizations at the provincial and local levels, the annual vacancy schedule presents an array of opportunities at both the officer and assistant levels. The range of available posts includes non-technical and technical roles at the eleventh, ninth, seventh/eighth officer levels, and the assistant level 4 and 5.

Key Highlights of the 2080/2081 Vacancy Schedule

  • The annual work schedule will be implemented from the 1st of Shrawan, 2080.

  • Vacancies will be filled following the existing law through internal competition, promotions via performance appraisals, and adjustments based on performance and experience evaluations.

  • In case of epidemic situations or special circumstances leading to abnormal conditions, the stated time period in the schedule may undergo a review.

  • If the state government or local level does not put forth any demand for filling the vacancies, the related work schedule may not follow the prescribed schedule.

  • Other issues not covered in the current schedule will be included progressively.

This vacancy calendar serves as a vital guide for individuals aiming to join the Bagmati Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog. It offers clear information about when to expect vacancies, examinations, and results, thus aiding candidates in their preparations.

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