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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vacancy for Executive Director of Institute of Foreign Affairs

Vacancy 06 Aug 2022 319 0

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Institute of Foreign Affairs

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Notification regarding the appointment of the Selection and Recommendation Committee for the appointment of the Executive Director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs

Since the vacant post of Executive Director at the Institute of Foreign Affairs Studies is to be filled through open competition; This notice has been published for the information of all concerned to submit a confidential sealed application to the General Administration Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sinha Darbar, Kathmandu during office hours within 15 days (2079 Bhadra 4th) from the date of first publication of this notice from interested Nepali citizens with the following qualifications.

1) Qualification and Experience:

(a) not exceeding the age of sixty years,

(b) having obtained at least a Master's degree from a recognized educational institution,

(c) having worked for at least ten years in the field of international law, diplomacy or economic diplomacy;

(d) Special contribution to Nepal's foreign policy and affairs,

(e) Having at least five years of experience in a higher managerial position.

2) Tasks, duties, and powers prescribed for the Executive Director: The executive director will work as the member secretary of the committee and the administrative head of the institution. In addition to that, he will have to perform the tasks as per the Foreign Affairs Studies Institute Development Committee (Formation) Order (First Amendment 2074), 2068, and the work performance agreement.

3) Application submission process: The procedure for the meeting and selection of the recommendation committee formed to recommend the executive director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs (First Amendment), 2075, published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the application, The documents and details according to 6 and the self-declaration process according to section 7 must be verified and submitted by the applicant himself.

4) Presentation of work paper with action plan and vision: Candidates in the selection list will also have to present the working paper with an action plan and vision submitted on the specified date and time.

5) Fees: Rs.3,000 for the application fee.- (Rs. three thousand only) Copy of the receipt of the candidate submitting the application fee in his name to the account number 1000100200010000 in the National Commercial Bank with office code 326003501 and revenue title number 14224 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The application should be submitted with an attachment.

6) Remuneration: The executive director will be provided with monthly remuneration and other service facilities based on the conditions mentioned in the contract.

7) Other details:

a) The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the matters to be included in the working paper including the work, duties and rights, and action plan and vision according to the meeting and selection procedures of the recommendation committee formed to recommend the executive director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs, 2075 Information can be obtained from /

b) The selection and recommendation committee may cancel the applications received in accordance with this notification, with or without mentioning any reason.

c) In case of submission of false details or documents, the application will be canceled and action will be taken as per prevailing law.

d) For more information regarding this, Ministry of Foreign Affairs General Administration Division or telephone no. 01-4200182, 01-4200185, Ext. 251 can be contacted.

(First published on Saturday 2079-04-21)


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