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Master in Urban Studies Admission at Kathmandu University

Admission 30 Jul 2023 333 0

Kathmandu University Notice

Master in Urban Studies Admission Open at Kathmandu University

The dynamic field of Urban Studies is waiting for you. Kathmandu University School of Arts (KUSoA), a renowned UGC-accredited institution, invites prospective students to apply now for our Master in Urban Studies program. This program is tailor-made for those who are passionate and interested in Urban Development Issues, offering a robust exploration into diverse topics from Urban Governance and Planning to Welfare and Justice.

Why Choose the Master in Urban Studies at Kathmandu University?

  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Our curriculum incorporates the blending of social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering, providing a comprehensive and balanced study experience.

  • Varied Course Content: The program covers an extensive range of urban development issues, including economics, finance, waste management, water, health, education, transportation, public spaces, poverty, landscape management, land-use planning, ethics, welfare, justice, and overall urban service delivery.

  • Sustainable Development Focus: Our core focus lies in sustainable urban development, preparing you to address current and future challenges in urban settings.

  • UGC Accredited: As a UGC-accredited institution, the quality of our education meets national standards.

Scholarship Opportunities

We believe in empowering our students. Hence, Kathmandu University is offering UGC (Formula-based funding) scholarships to 20% to 40% of students. This presents a significant opportunity for deserving students to get their education subsidized, making the dream of quality education accessible and affordable.

Reasons to Pursue a Master's in Urban Studies

Urban Studies is a multidisciplinary field that incorporates diverse areas of study like social sciences, economics, geography, and urban planning. With the increasing global shift towards urbanization, studying Urban Studies at the master's level offers numerous advantages.

Understanding Urban Issues

Urban Studies provides an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by urbanization. The program focuses on issues like urban governance, planning, economics, finance, waste management, health, education, transportation, public spaces, poverty, landscape management, and land-use planning. Such a comprehensive understanding equips you with the skills to develop innovative solutions for the complexities of urban environments.

Career Opportunities

A Master's in Urban Studies opens up a diverse range of career paths. Graduates can find employment in local government, urban planning agencies, non-profit organizations, consulting firms, research institutions, and more. Roles can vary from Urban Planner, Policy Analyst, Community Development Coordinator, to Housing Specialist, among others.

Contribution to Sustainable Development

The program focuses heavily on sustainable urban development, preparing students to contribute to the implementation and advancement of sustainable practices in cities around the world. This emphasis aligns with the global push towards sustainable development goals.

Interdisciplinary Approach

The interdisciplinary nature of Urban Studies offers a broader perspective on urban issues. It combines social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering, providing you with a well-rounded understanding that can be valuable in various professional environments.

Scholarship Opportunities

Institutions like Kathmandu University offer substantial scholarships for Master's in Urban Studies students, making this program financially accessible to a broader range of students.

Real-world Impact

The skills and knowledge you acquire through a Master's in Urban Studies program can lead to tangible impacts in real-world settings. You'll be able to contribute to the development and improvement of urban spaces, influencing the quality of life for millions of people living in cities.

In essence, a Master's in Urban Studies allows you to blend passion and profession, offering a rewarding and impactful career path.

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Ready to embark on your urban development journey? Visit us at the University premises in Balkumari or reach out via phone at 01-5911307 / +977-9820108002 / +977-9820108001 for more information.

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