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Dhanya Purnima and Yomari Punhi being Celebrated in Nepal

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Dhanya Purnima and Yomari Punhi

On the day of Margashirsha Shukla Purnima, the festival of Dhanya Purnima is being celebrated by worshiping and donating paddy. After the paddy is brought into the house in Mangsir, on Shukla Purnima, deities like Dhan, Ganesh, Kuladevata, Gaidu Devta, Goth Devta, Maharudra, Mahalakshmi etc. are also worshiped. And there is a tradition of making rice by grinding the newly imported paddy, grinding flour from it and making sel, babar, puri malpuwa and offering it.

Prof. Dr. Ram Chandra Gautam, a theologian, informed that the new food should be eaten today as it was not eaten before. On this occasion, fairs are held in Dhaneshwar of Kavrepalanchok, Anantalingeshwar of Bhaktapur, Champadevi of Kathmandu and other places.

Yomri Purnima (Yomri Punhi): The Newar community is celebrating the festival of Yomri Purni with joy today. Yomri Purnima is also called Yomri Punhi. Celebrated as a major festival of the Newar community, it is also considered as a juicy food festival. Yomiuri is made from fresh rice flour, chaku and sesame seeds.

The women of the Newar community have been busy making yomri since this morning. It is customary to cook Yomari only after bathing and sanitation at home. According to culturologist Tejeshwar Babu Gwang, the Yomri Punhi festival is also celebrated by the Newar community as a new food festival. In Yomri, Khuwa and Chaku made from milk and sesame seeds are used to make lumps.

The Newar community also celebrates Yomri Purni by worshiping at the bhakari or kothi where the paddy is kept. It is also customary to send a gift from the father's house (Maiti) in the form of Yomri Sagun filled with sesame seeds and knives, wishing the child complete health while the girl is pregnant.