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Evergreen Academy in Gaindakot Celebrates 13th Anniversary and Cultural Program

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Evergreen Academy in Gaindakot Celebrates 13th Anniversary and Cultural Program

Evergreen Academy in Gaindakot Celebrates 13th Anniversary and Cultural Program

Gaindakot, Nepal - [February 11, 2024] - Evergreen Academy in Gaindakot recently concluded its 13th anniversary and cultural program with fervor and enthusiasm, marking yet another milestone in its journey of educational excellence and cultural enrichment. The event, attended by esteemed guests, proud parents, dedicated educators, and talented students, showcased the school's commitment to fostering academic achievement and preserving cultural heritage.

Recognition of Academic Excellence and Cultural Talent:

Ward President Prakash Sapkota commended Evergreen Academy for consistently achieving outstanding academic results and establishing a distinguished reputation in the education sector within the municipality. The cultural program, featuring performances by students from nursery to class 7 and local artists, captivated the audience and highlighted the school's efforts to preserve traditional heritage.

Acknowledging Student Achievements:

Students who excelled in various competitions and sports were recognized and awarded for their exemplary achievements during the ceremony. Their dedication and perseverance were celebrated, underscoring the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Commitment to Quality Education:

Managing Director Narayan Prasad Sapkota expressed gratitude for the trust and support of parents and pledged to redouble efforts in providing quality education. He announced plans to expand educational offerings by introducing class 8 in the upcoming academic session, demonstrating a proactive approach towards meeting the evolving needs of students and families.

Support from Academicians and Social Workers:

The presence of academicians and social workers such as Aarti Dhakal Sapkota, Renuka Gautam, Hites Gautam, Dhanprasad Sapkota, and Sharadchandra Neupane further underscored the community's commitment to the school's mission of academic excellence and holistic development.

Efficient Program Management:

The ceremony was expertly conducted by Kapil Neupane, an associate professor at Evergreen Academy, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees. With approximately 250 students enrolled since its establishment in 2067, Evergreen Academy continues to make significant strides in providing quality education and shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

In summary, the 13th anniversary and cultural program at Evergreen Academy in Gaindakot epitomized the school's dedication to academic excellence, cultural preservation, and community engagement, reaffirming its status as a beacon of educational empowerment in the region.

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