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First Madhesh Pradesh Youth Festival 2079 Started

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First Madhesh Pradesh Youth Festival 2079

The first Madhesh Pradesh Youth Festival- 2079 BS has started. The festival under the slogan 'Common Resolution for Prosperous Madhesh Pradesh' has started on Wednesday. Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut has inaugurated the festival organized by the Ministry of Women, Children, Youth, and Sports.

The festival, which started on Wednesday at the Janakpurdham Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will continue till Thursday.

Addressing the program, Chief Minister Raut said that the youth had fought for change and called for development and prosperity. "The youth must recognize right and wrong politics, then the nation can be built," he said.

Addressing the program, Home and Communications Minister Bharat Sah said that the youth had played a leading role in bringing the Province government and making the Madhesh movement successful.

Minister for Women, Children, Youth, and Sports, Birendra Prasad Singh, who organized the festival, said that the Province needed the 'experience of elders, the energy of youth'. Minister Singh mentioned that the youth who can make the country prosperous should be mobilized for the prosperity of Madhes.

Province Assembly member Manju Yadav said that the festival was a positive start. Secretary at the Ministry of Sports, Keshav Prasad Vimli, said the program would provide impetus to the youth-dominated Province.

Young Engineer Pratibha Mandal said that the festival was an opportunity for the youth. Bikash Kumar Thakur, a youth engineer and chairman of the Nepal Foundation, said that youth should be represented at the decision-making level as they are the carriers of change.

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