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Kathmandu Skill Development Initiative Overwhelms with Applicant Surge

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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Notice

Kathmandu Skill Development Initiative Overwhelms with Applicant Surge

Overview of the Skill Mela-2081

The Skill Mela-2081, an initiative led by Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has significantly exceeded expectations, drawing an astounding number of participants. The event, held in Tundikhel, aimed to provide comprehensive skills training to 2,081 individuals. The training was intended to lead to direct employment, self-employment opportunities, and on-the-job training for attendees.

Unprecedented Demand

The response to the initiative was overwhelming, with 9,500 applications submitted, showcasing a demand more than four times the capacity. Navin Manandhar, the spokesperson for the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, assured that additional sessions would be organized to accommodate all registrants, emphasizing the commitment to meet this unexpected demand.

Diverse Training Sessions and Partnerships

The daily training sessions, with 20 participants each across 29 different gatherings, brought together a diverse set of stakeholders. Collaborations were forged with various sectors including government, non-profit organizations, the private sector, and educational institutions. Notable partners included the Higher Education and Secondary School Association, Nepal (HISAN), Confederation of Nepal Industries (CNI), and other prominent local entities.

Extensive Training Areas and Programs

The Skill Mela identified ten critical skill areas such as automobile and electrical car repair, carpentry, and plumbing, to name a few. These are part of Kathmandu’s broader strategy to enhance vocational skills through the 'Bookless Friday' program in public schools and the extensive 'Mahanagara Gaurav Yojana' which includes over 34 vocational training options under the theme 'Employment and Income Growth, Kathmandu's Prosperity'.

Special Focus on Cyber Security

A notable highlight is the training for 4,000 individuals in cyber security, aimed at strengthening the local workforce’s capabilities in this vital sector. The training ensures that participants are not only introduced to the basics but also have their existing skills significantly enhanced.

Connecting Talent with Opportunities

The fair aims to bridge the gap between trained professionals and potential employers, creating a robust platform for job matching. This initiative reflects a strategic approach to workforce development, aligned with the city's goals for economic growth and prosperity.

In summary, the Skill Mela-2081 by Kathmandu Metropolitan City stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to fostering a skilled workforce, ready to meet the challenges of the modern job market and contribute to the local economy’s vibrancy.


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