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NCIT Concludes its Flagship Technopreneurship Course: Nurturing the Innovators of Tomorrow

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NCIT Concludes its Flagship Technopreneurship Course

Empowering the Next Generation: Triumph at the Technopreneurship Course Closing Ceremony at NCIT

Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT) successfully concluded its flagship Technopreneurship course on Friday. The event was an embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit and technological innovation, marking a milestone in NCIT's dedication to fostering creativity and strategic thinking among its students.

Course Overview

Spanning from May to July, the Technopreneurship course received generous financial and technical backing from the University Grants Commission (UGC). The curriculum strictly adhered to the Entrepreneurship Support Program (ESP) of the UGC, aiming to host a comprehensive 40-hour Entrepreneurship Course. The course was intricately designed to inspire a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among students, guiding them to formulate viable startup business concepts, and bolstering their capabilities through constant interactions with successful entrepreneurs.

Key course features included:

  • Insightful sessions by guest speakers and presenters.
  • Hands-on activities and home assignments stimulating real-world scenarios.
  • Group discussions, field visits, and interactive workshops.
  • Motivational sessions encouraging personal and professional growth.

Closing Day Highlights

The course's final day witnessed 47 enthusiastic students, organized into 37 startup teams, presenting their revolutionary ideas to a diverse audience of educators, investors, and industry leaders. The participants' presentations evoked appreciation and positive critique from the distinguished attendees, fuelling the students' entrepreneurial ambitions.

The lively atmosphere extended to the gallery walk sessions and exhibition, where the students vividly shared their entrepreneurial journey with the visitors. Their vibrant ideas and tenacity left a significant impression, underlining the potential of technological innovation to catalyze societal transformation.

Certification and Acknowledgment

The closing ceremony was a spectacle of accomplishment and pride. Chief Guest Prof. Prem Narayan Aryal, Vice Chancellor of Pokhara University, and Prof. Rajesh Kumar Thagurathi, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, presented course completion certificates to the students. Certificates of appreciation were also awarded to guest speakers, moderators, and supporting organizations for their invaluable role in the course's smooth execution.

Closing Remarks

The event was gracefully concluded with commendatory speeches by Prof. Aryal, Prof. Thagurathi, CEO of Antarprerana - Niraj Khanal, Prakash Sharma from the ILO-SALE Project, and Narottam Aryal, President of Kings College. Their praises showered on the students for their innovative zeal and commitment to technological solutions highlighted the success of this Technopreneurship Course.

Looking Forward

The successful completion of the Technopreneurship course signifies more than just the end of an educational journey. It marks the genesis of a group of enthusiastic, innovative minds ready to take on the entrepreneurial world. The course stands as a testament to NCIT's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, paving the way for future innovators to leave a significant impact on society and the business world. The spirit of technological innovation will continue to thrive at NCIT, as it empowers the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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