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Nepal Chamber of Commerce to Provide IT Training for women Entrepreneurs

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Nepal Chamber of Commerce to Provide IT Training for women Entrepreneurs

The Women's Chamber under the Nepal Chamber of Commerce is going to provide information technology training for women entrepreneurs. The Chamber has said that in collaboration with Lord Buddha Education Foundation, it is going to provide information technology training to women entrepreneurs across the country. The agreement regarding the training was signed by the secretary of the women's chamber, Lima Adhikari, and the president of the foundation, Pankaj Jalan.

At the signing ceremony, Chamber President Rajendra Malla hoped that information technology training would be fruitful for job creation and professional growth. President Malla said that training given to women entrepreneurs is important in the context of the rapid development of information technology. Chairman Malla said that along with the availability of electricity, the development of information technology should also be a priority of the state.

In information technology training, women entrepreneurs will be selected from the local, provincial and central levels in coordination with the women's chamber, according to the press release issued by the chamber. According to the Nepal Chamber of Commerce, an independent committee will also be formed for the selection of interested women entrepreneurs participating in the training.

Lima Adhikari, Secretary of the Women's Chamber, informed that training will be given on communication skills, market promotion, and website design for women entrepreneurs. President of Lord Buddha Foundation Jalan said that they are going to train women entrepreneurs to promote online business. She informed that along with the development of the online app, accounting training will also be provided. The training program will be conducted for 1 year from 15th of 2079 Poush.