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Pokhara University Call to Apply for 17 Convocation Ceremony

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Pokhara University Notices

Pokhara University Call to Apply for 17 Convocation Ceremony: Pokhara University, Examination Control Office Examination Control Office

To participate in the 17th (seventeenth) graduation ceremony of Pokhara University to be held on February 20, 2022; Students who have passed the undergraduate, postgraduate, MPhil, and doctoral level and applied for a transcript by 2078 Magh 07 (January 21, 2022); All concerned have been informed to fill the online form through the official website of Pokhara University.

Method of filling the application form and required documents:

1) Online application form placed on the website of Pokhara University, or Nepali name should be typed in Aalekh font.

2) Only students with Transcript Issues after 3rd April 2019 will be able to join this Convocation Ceremony.

3) As the Convocation Certificate will be prepared according to the form filled by the student. If the details are mistaken for Certificate mistakes, the student should be held accountable.

4) Online forms will be available on the website only from 2078-10-1 to 2078-10-15. Forms can be filled at any time during that period.

5) When filling the online form, MRP size photo, citizenship certificate, and transcript should be scanned and uploaded. While scanning, all the convocation certificates should be.

6) After filling the online form, the applicant will get the Token Number in the email address filled in the form, and using the said Token Number, the student will be able to download the slip used for picking up and returning the gown. When the student comes to collect and return the graduation dress, he/she must bring the question and submit it to the examination control office.

7) Students attending the Convocation Ceremony will have to pay Rs. 4,000 for Convocation and Certificate Fee and Rs. 2000 for Convocation Clothing Deposit and a total of only Rs. 6000 Deposit in Account No. 012003000273170000001 in Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Limited, Lekhnath Branch.

8) After April 3, 2019, Rs. 4000 For those who have already obtained the Degree Certificate after paying the fee, Rs. 2000 only deposit will be required.

9) Scanned copy of the Transcript ID and Bank Voucher received from the bank should be uploaded. Students will be required to bring a gross bank voucher when they come for graduation.

10) Concluding attire will be distributed from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm on Falgun 6 and 7, 2078 BS.

9) Return of uniforms will be done from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on the 9th of Falgun 2078 BS from Examination Control Office, Pokhara-30, Dhungepatan, Kaski.

10) On the day of the graduation ceremony, there will be no distribution of graduation dress and return of graduation dress.

11) For other detailed information and in case of any problem while filling the form, you can contact Pokhara University, Examination Control Office, Pokhara-30, Dhungepatan, Kaski directly and phone numbers 061-504158, 061-504146.

Published date: 2078-09-26

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