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Pokhara University Celebrates Its 27th Foundation Day

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Pokhara University Notices

Embracing the Future: Prof. Dr. Premnarayan Aryal Calls for a New Approach at Pokhara University

On the occasion of the 27th Foundation Day of Pokhara University, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Premnarayan Aryal has stressed the importance of nurturing a new relationship process, emphasizing the need for private sector involvement. His remarks offer a fresh direction for the university, which seeks to enhance academic excellence and foster a sustainable future.

  • Aryal underlines the need for increased government investment in Pokhara University, given the limited existing funding. The university's expansion and its sustainability largely depend on additional resources.
  • Advocating for the creation of new colleges and academic programs, the Vice-Chancellor emphasizes the necessity of regular monitoring and weeding out of non-performing courses.
  • A strong advocate for research and entrepreneurship, Aryal suggests that inspiring both teachers and students in these fields is crucial for academic enhancement.
  • The Vice-Chancellor firmly believes in ongoing staff development, including providing regular training and updating the curriculum.

Promoting Research and Upgrading Teacher Qualifications

Pokhara University Service Commission Chairman Prof. Dr. Tirtharaj Aryal underlines the need for teachers to upgrade their qualifications through research and thesis guides. He advocates for continuous professional development to maintain high teaching standards.

Strengthening University Income through Student Enrollment

University Registrar Prof. Dr. Deepak Bahadur Bhandari proposes a student-centric approach. Recognizing students as the university's primary income source, he recommends increasing student enrollment by offering market-oriented programs in untapped areas.

From Humble Beginnings to Academic Excellence

Dr. Ajay Thapa, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, proudly recounts the university's journey. From modest beginnings, it now boasts over 37,000 students enrolled across 64 programs under 66 colleges at various academic levels.

Creating a Home Away from Home at the University

Prof Rajesh Kumar Thagurathi, Dean of Pokhara University Faculty of Science and Technology, encourages everyone to see the university as their home. He hopes for a selection-driven university, rather than a collection-driven one.

Challenges and Opportunities: A Collaborative Approach

Rambabu Bhandari, a member of the Pokhara University Assembly, acknowledges the university's challenges and opportunities. He urges collective effort and dedication for the institution's progress.

Prioritizing Academic Quality

Several university officials, including Associate Prada Amar Nagila, Faculty of Management Associate Prada Dayaraj Dhakal, Exam Controller Associate Professor Tulsiram Bhandari, Executive Council Member Associate Professor Yograj Lamichhane, Planning and Program Division Head Prof. Dr. Deepakraj Paudel, and Faculty Association President Associate Professor Dr. Niranjan Shrestha, agree that prioritizing academic quality is essential for Pokhara University.

Celebrating the Legacy

Every year on Shrawan 1, Pokhara University celebrates its Foundation Day. This year marked the 27th anniversary of the Pokhara University Act, 2053 BS 2054, and the university paid tribute to this milestone by cleaning the Lekhnath campus. This annual tradition serves as a symbol of the university's commitment to its mission and its pledge to continual growth and improvement.

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