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Pratibha Secondary School, Pokhara Conducts Educational Performances and Musical Program

Event 25 Feb 2023 414 0

Pratibha Secondary School, Pokhara Conducts Educational Performances and Musical Program

On Friday, Pratibha Secondary School in Nadipur, Pokhara conducted an educational performance and musical program that was well appreciated by senior artist Durga Baral (Vatsyayan). The students from nursery to class 9 displayed educational materials based on various subjects related to their textbooks, along with entertaining games from the ING group and knowledge-enhancing materials from My Second Teacher.

Impressed by the students' inherent potential, Durga Baral suggested that the school should hold such exhibitions from time to time to showcase the students' talent and ability. The founder principal of the school, Kiran Sapkota, shared that creating educational materials based on the textbooks' content would be effective in teaching and learning.

Additionally, a parent motivation and honor program will be held at the Pokhara Auditorium on Falgun 26. Renowned motivator Ravi Katuwal will provide training, and Rachna Rimal will perform in the program. This program aims to motivate and honor the parents who have supported their children in their academic journey.

The Chairman of the School Management Committee, Narayan Paudel, presided over the program. The event also included a welcome speech by Alisa Rai from My Second Teacher, and the program was conducted by Prakash Adhikari, head of extracurricular activities, and students Serina Khatri and Jasmina Malla.

The students also presented various cultural and musical programs, including the drama 'Journey to Rajdhani,' which is a masterpiece of Gandaki state level drama, staged by the Head of Nepali Department, Bishnu Prasad Paudel. The program was a great success and highlighted the talents and abilities of the students.

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