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Republic Day 2081: Celebrating Nepal's Democratic Transformation

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Republic Day Ganatantra Diwas of Nepal

Republic Day (Ganatantra Diwas 2081): Celebrating Nepal's Democratic Transformation

Before Nepal became a republic, the head of state was always a member of the royal family. The king's children or other royal members inherited this position. However, today, any citizen born in a free and republican Nepal has the potential to become the president of the country. This shift marks a significant change, emphasizing freedom, patriotism, and liberty.

Nepal is now divided into seven provinces, and 753 Local levels, each governed under a federal structure. This transformation began on the 15th of Jestha, 2065 BS, when the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly declared Nepal a federal democratic republic, ending a century-long monarchy. This momentous day is commemorated annually on the 15th of Jestha, marking the victory of the 2006 People's Movement and the subsequent establishment of a republic. The movement and a decade-long armed conflict led to this historic change, and Republic Day honors these efforts with respect, pride, and festivity.

The concept of a republic is essential to modern governance. According to Cambridge University, a republic is a system where the state is not led by a king or queen but by representatives elected by the people. This definition highlights the core principle of a republic: the power and authority rest with the people.

Sacrifice of Martyrs

The sacrifices of those who attained martyrdom during the 10-year armed conflict are immeasurable. Their bravery and dedication laid the foundation for the republic. True respect for their sacrifice goes beyond monetary expenditures on events or monuments; it lies in the institutional practice of republican values and principles.

Republic Day 2081: The 17th Republic Day - Activities of the Day

Republic Day is a day of pride and enthusiasm in Nepal. The celebrations begin with a bugle call by the Nepal Army early in the morning. Gatherings, programs, and interactions are held at various locations, including Tundikhel in Kathmandu and across the country. In the evening, a candlelight program honors the martyrs of the republic.

The day is marked by morning processions, sports events, speeches, seminars, and cultural programs in all seven provinces. Additionally, Nepalese embassies, diplomatic missions, and consulates abroad hold various programs and joyful celebrations in the evening.

May the country achieve political, social, and economic stability. Best wishes for Republic Day, may the wave of national unity and pride spread across the Himalayas, hills, and Terai. We are proud to be Nepali, and may this pride remain our strength. Glory to the Nepali people, glory to Our Nepal. Best wishes!

- Collegenp Team

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