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Sanima Bank Enhances Employee Skills with Inspire Training Academy Partnership

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Sanima Bank Enhances Employee Skills with Inspire Training Academy Partnership

Sanima Bank is setting a new benchmark in the banking sector by offering its employees a remarkable opportunity to enhance their professional capabilities. In a strategic move, the bank has partnered with the esteemed Inspire Training Academy to provide a comprehensive suite of 144 soft skills training courses. This initiative is a significant step towards nurturing a skilled workforce in the banking industry.

Empowering Employees with Flexible Learning Options

  • Customized E-Learning Platform: Sanima Bank has seamlessly integrated the Inspire Training Academy's e-learning portal into its system. This integration ensures that employees have the flexibility to access and complete courses at their convenience, whether at home or in the office.
  • Nationwide Skill Development: The training program is accessible to all Sanima Bank employees across the country, fostering uniform skill enhancement throughout the organization.

Diverse Training Portfolio for Varied Needs

  • Certified Training Courses: The academy offers a range of certified courses, including prestigious certifications like Highfield, ERISM, FIMA, ISO, CPD, AYOSH, and ETA. These courses cater to various professional needs and are designed to meet global standards.
  • Versatile Learning for Individuals and Groups: The training program includes both Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and non-CPD courses. These are available in formats suited for individual learning as well as company-wide training packages.

Advanced Training Features for Optimal Learning Experience

  • Integrated Learning System: Courses under the corporate package are integrated into the company’s website, ensuring a streamlined learning experience.
  • Immediate Certification: Upon completion of training, employees receive instant certification, adding to their professional credentials.
  • Customized Access and Monitoring: The system allows for controlled access to courses and the ability to generate training reports as needed. This feature ensures that all employees receive consistent training and progress can be monitored effectively.

Sanima Bank's collaboration with Inspire Training Academy is a game-changer in employee skill development. This initiative not only elevates the professional competencies of the bank's workforce but also positions Sanima Bank as a forward-thinking employer committed to the growth and development of its employees. This partnership is a testament to the bank's dedication to excellence and continuous improvement in the ever-evolving banking industry.


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