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Saptagiri NPS University and Shatakshee Educational Foundation Host Partners’ Meet in Kathmandu

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Saptagiri NPS University and Shatakshee Educational Foundation Host

Saptagiri NPS University and Shatakshee Educational Foundation Host Partners’ Meet in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal – On 31st May 2024, Saptagiri NPS University, Bangalore, in collaboration with Shatakshee Educational Foundation, hold a significant partners’ meet at Hotel Hardik. The event highlighted the robust partnership between these two educational institutions and their shared commitment in providing quality education at affordable fee package to Nepali students.

Dr. Kunal Saxena, the Director of Saptagiri NPS University, emphasized the university’s dedication to security, quality education, and affordability. He announced highly competitive and comprehensive packages for various courses aimed at Nepali students, recognizing their hardworking nature. The full package for engineering courses is set between INR 7 lakh to 7.5 lakh, including all expenses. Similarly, BBA is priced at INR 3 lakh, BCom at INR 2 lakh, and MBA at INR 4 lakh only . These affordable packages are designed to make higher education accessible without compromising on quality.

Shatakshee Educational Foundation, the authorized representative of Saptagiri NPS University in Nepal, will assist professional consultants and students in navigating the admission process. Umesh Dhungel, Founder and CEO of Shatakshee Educational Foundation, reiterated the foundation’s commitment to supporting students and their families. He highlighted that the foundation has consistently facilitated Nepali students’ access to education introducing India’s top universities such as Thapar University, SRM University, Maharishi Markandeshwar University, GIET University, Bhagwant University, KR Group of Institutions, Excel Group of Institutions, Rajeep Group of Institutions to name the few  in the nepal market since its establishment in 2063.

Dhungel urged the attendees, which included owners and business partners from various companies, to adopt a cooperative and competitive spirit. He stressed the importance of removing confusion between duty and desire and working together to provide affordable, globally demanded courses to Nepali students. Dhungel shared that Bangalore is a suitable location for higher education due to the availability of such courses at reasonable fees, presenting a golden opportunity for Nepali parents and students.

The event underscored the mutual belief in collective progress, encapsulated in the motto "Together Everyone Achieves More." Dhungel expressed confidence that by working responsibly and collaboratively, stakeholders can create an environment conducive to academic and professional growth. He called on all participants to take collective action in providing opportunities for students aspiring to study in chosen courses in Bangalore.

The dedication of Shatakshee Educational Foundation over the past 18 years has made it possible to offer these opportunities affordably in Nepal. Dhungel's emphasis on care, share, and grow together reflects the foundation’s ethos of collective effort and support.

This partnership between Saptagiri NPS University and Shatakshee Educational Foundation is set to open new avenues for Nepali students, providing them with access to high-quality education in India and preparing them for successful careers globally.