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Demand for Revision in PPSC Lumbini Province Recruitment Process to Ensure Inclusive

News 22 Feb 2024 615 0

Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Notice

Demand for Revision in PPSC Lumbini Province Recruitment Process to Ensure Inclusive Representation

In a significant move towards ensuring inclusivity and diversity within public service positions, the Province Public Service Commission, Lumbini Province (PPSC) has been urged to revisit its recent recruitment advertisements. This comes after a collective call from officials of various Constitutional Commissions, highlighting a misalignment with the principles of proportional inclusion as outlined in the Constitution.

Key Highlights:

  • Demand for Advertisement Revision: Following the release of recruitment ads on 2080/10/26 and 2080/11/03, officials from the Constitutional Commission have identified issues with the adherence to inclusivity principles, prompting a demand for cancellation and reissuance of these notices.
  • Constitutional and Legislative References: The critique is grounded in the foundational laws of the nation, specifically pointing out conflicts with the Constitution's Preamble and Articles 18, 42, and 227, along with the Lumbini Province Civil Service Act of 2080. These sections advocate for equitable representation across all societal segments within public employment sectors.
  • Emphasis on Provincial Legislation Compliance: Article 227 of the Constitution is cited to underscore the necessity for employment practices at the municipal levels to align with provincial legislation, ensuring a harmonized approach to inclusivity across all governance layers.
  • Unified Stance for Change: The call for revising the recruitment process is backed by leaders from six distinguished commissions, including the National Commission for Women, National Dalit Commission, Indigenous Nationalities Commission, Madhesi Commission, Tharu Commission, and Muslim Commission, showcasing a united front for diversity and equality.

Implications for Future Recruitment:

This collective intervention serves as a crucial reminder of the need for public service recruitment processes to mirror the diverse fabric of society. It underscores the importance of aligning recruitment strategies with constitutional mandates and provincial laws to foster an environment of equal opportunity for all citizens, regardless of their social or cultural backgrounds.

Towards a More Inclusive Governance:

The demands put forth by the Constitutional Commission officials mark a pivotal step towards rectifying recruitment practices within the Lumbini Province. By adhering to the principles of proportional inclusion, the Public Service Commission can ensure that its workforce is a true reflection of the community it serves, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and legitimacy of public service delivery.

The revision of the recruitment advertisements by the Lumbini Province Public Service Commission, in response to the demands of Constitutional Commission officials, represents a commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse public sector workforce. This initiative is not just about adhering to legal and constitutional obligations but about recognizing the value of diversity as a strength in governance and public administration.


Lumbini Pradesh Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog

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