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CDS and Clearing Limited Vacancy for Various Positions 2080

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CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC) Recruitment Announcement

CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC) is excited to announce a unique opportunity for dedicated professionals to join our team. We are conducting an Internal, Open, and Inclusive Competitive Written Examination to fill various vacant posts. This initiative aligns with our commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Open Positions and Requirements:

  1. Deputy Manager

    • Level: Ninth Level
    • Service Group: CDSC/General
    • Competition Type: Internal
    • Vacancies: 1
  2. Senior Officer

    • Level: Seventh Level
    • Service Group: CDSC/Ordinary
    • Competition Type: Internal
    • Vacancies: 1
  3. Officer

    • Level: Sixth Level
    • Service Group: CDSC/General (Reserved for Women)
    • Competition Type: Internal
    • Vacancies: 1
  4. IT Officer

    • Level: Sixth Level
    • Service Group: CDSC/Technical
    • Competition Type: Open
    • Vacancies: 1
  5. Senior Assistant

    • Level: Fifth Level
    • Service Group: CDSC/General (Reserved for Madhesi candidates)
    • Competition Type: Open
    • Vacancies: 1
  6. Senior Computer Operator

    • Level: Fifth Level
    • Service Group: CDSC/Technical
    • Competition Type: Open
    • Vacancies: 1

Eligibility and Application Details:

  • Date of Public Service Commission Agreement: 2080-08-14
  • Posts: Various positions available for permanent employment
  • Eligibility: Open to eligible Nepali citizens who meet the criteria as per the Staff Service Conditions Regulations, 2075
  • Application Requirements:
    • Completed application form
    • Recent passport-size photograph
    • Self-attested copies of educational qualifications, training, and experience
    • Nepali citizenship certificates

Submission Process:

  • Location: Applications to be submitted at the CDSC office, Putli Sadak
  • Examination Fee: Payable to Prabhu Bank Ltd., Account No. 1090092361500103. Attach deposit vouchers with the application
  • Late Submissions: Applications accepted up to 7 days after the deadline with a double fee payment

This opportunity is perfect for individuals who are looking to establish a career in the financial sector with a reputable organization. CDSC values dedication, diversity, and professional growth, making it an ideal workplace for ambitious candidates.

Urgent Announcement:

In compliance with the Hon'ble Supreme Court's writ number 078-WO-0660, CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC) will fill various advertised positions in accordance with the legal mandate order dated 24/10/2079. The recruitment process will proceed post the implementation of required legal provisions.

Examination and Recruitment Details:

  • Types of Examination: Candidates will undergo a Written, Practical, and Interview process. For the General Side, there will only be a Written and Interview stage.
  • Exam Center: The examinations will be conducted in Kathmandu.
  • Application Submission Location: CDS & Clearing Ltd., Share Markets Commercial Complex, Putlisadak.
  • Required Documents:
    • Educational qualification certificates
    • Citizenship certificate
    • Inclusive group opening document (for inclusive group advertisement)
    • Equivalency certificate (for qualifications obtained outside Nepal)
    • Experience details (for posts requiring experience), certified by the head of the previous organization

Important Dates:

  • Application Deadline: 2080/09/05
  • Extended Deadline with Double Fee: 2080/09/12

Applicant Criteria:

  • Age Limit: Applicants must have completed 21 years by 2080/09/05 and should not exceed 35 years, with an extension up to 40 years for women and persons with disabilities. CDSC employees are exempt from the age limit.
  • Salary and Benefits: Remuneration and benefits will adhere to CDSC's regulations.

Examination Schedule:

  • The Public Service Commission will conduct the written exam, and the timetable will be announced later.
  • Examination fees must be submitted for each advertisement. Applicants targeting multiple advertisements for the same post must pay an additional fee for each category applied.

Examination Fee Structure

For candidates applying to the CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC) competitive examinations, the following is the detailed examination fee structure based on the layer of the position:

  • For the Ninth Layer

    • Examination Fee: Rs. 2,500/- (Two Thousand Five Hundred)
    • Additional Fee for Each Additional Group: Rs. 200 (Two Hundred)
  • For the Seventh Layer

    • Examination Fee: Rs. 2,000/- (Two Thousand)
    • Additional Fee for Each Additional Group: Rs. 200 (Two Hundred)
  • For the Sixth Layer

    • Examination Fee: Rs. 1,500/- (One Thousand Five Hundred)
    • Additional Fee for Each Additional Group: Rs. 200 (Two Hundred)
  • For the Fifth Layer

    • Examination Fee: Rs. 1,000/- (One Thousand)
    • Additional Fee for Each Additional Group: Rs. 200 (Two Hundred)

Candidates should carefully note these fees and ensure the correct amount is deposited within the specified time frame. For those applying under multiple groups for the same post, an additional fee of Rs. 200 is mandatory for each group beyond the first. Please ensure compliance with all the guidelines to guarantee your application is processed smoothly.

Qualifications for Deputy Manager (Internal) and Senior Officer (Internal) Posts:

  • Educational Background: Master’s degree or Chartered Accountancy certification.
  • Fields of Study: Securities Market, Management, Finance, Economics, Commerce, Business Administration, Public Administration, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or an equivalent field.
  • Experience Requirement: At least four years of permanent service in a position one level below in the permanent service of CDSC.

Qualifications for Officer Positions:

  • Educational Requirement: Post-graduate degree or Chartered Accountancy certification.
  • Fields of Study: Similar to the above managerial roles.

I.T. Position Qualifications:

  • Educational Requirement: At least a Bachelor's degree.
  • Fields of Study: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

Qualifications for Senior Assistant:

  • Educational Requirement: At least a Bachelor's degree.
  • Fields of Study: As mentioned for the above positions.

Qualifications for Senior Computer Operator:

  • Educational Requirement: Bachelor's degree.
  • Fields of Study: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or related areas.

Special Instructions for Inclusive Group Candidates:

Candidates applying for inclusive group positions should attach the following documents at the time of application:

  • Certificates of Identity: From respective authoritative bodies for tribals/tribes, Dalits, disabled individuals, Madhesis, and residents of backward areas.
  • Permanent Residence Proof: A certificate of citizenship along with certification from the relevant rural municipality indicating permanent residence.
  • Interview Stage: Selected candidates must present the original documents along with self-attested copies during the interview.

CDS & Clearing Limited (CDSC) Application and Examination Guidelines

General Guidelines for CDSC Employees:

  • Employees of CDS and Clearing Ltd. must be in good standing, without disqualifications as per the Service Conditions Regulations, 2075.

Application Process:

  • For multiple group applications for a single post (open and inclusive), one application form is required.
  • Mark the first page of the application form and the admit card to indicate the chosen group for examination.
  • Examinations for open and inclusive competition under each service will be conducted simultaneously in a single session.

Document Submission:

  • If applying to more than one group, candidates are required to submit only one set of the required documents.
  • The examination fee, as mentioned in the notice, must be paid within the specified timeframe.
  • After the deadline, a double fee can be paid within 7 days at Prabhu Bank Ltd., Putlisadak, Account No. 1090092361500103, along with the deposit voucher.

Experience Requirement:

  • Candidates must have completed the minimum service period required for the respective post by the application deadline.

Age, Qualification, and Experience Considerations:

  • Double duty periods will not be considered when calculating age, educational qualifications, experience, or other qualifications.
  • Incomplete applications, those not meeting minimum qualifications, lacking required details, or without the prescribed fee will not be accepted.
  • Educational qualifications must be obtained by the application deadline.

Rights of the Recruitment Committee:

  • The Recruitment Committee reserves the right to cancel any application with or without cause.
  • Candidates are required to use black ink during the examination; failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the answer sheet.

Additional Information:

  • The syllabus, application forms, and further advertisement details can be accessed at CDSC's official website

First Issue Published Date: 2080-08-15

Notice No.: 02/080/81

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