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Gorkha Municipality Vacancy for Secondary and Lower Secondary Level Teachers

Vacancy 05 Nov 2021 9164 0

Government Job Vacancy

Gorkha Municipality Vacancy for Secondary and Lower Secondary Level Teachers: Gorkha Municipality, Teacher Selection Committee, Gorkha Municipality-8 Hugridanda, Gorkha Notice regarding invitation to apply for the post in Teacher's Contract

As per the provision in sub-section 8 of section 34 of the Education Act 2074 of Gorkha Municipality, the post of teacher (teaching-learning assistance grant) in community schools has to be filled; This notice has been published for the information of all concerned to submit the application duly subject to the following conditions and perimeter.

2) Eligibility of the candidate:

- In case of previous higher secondary level: Temporary or permanent teaching permission of higher secondary level should have been obtained by passing the post graduate level or similar in the related subject.

- In case of lower secondary level: Must have passed class 12 or equivalent in the related subject and obtained permanent teaching license of lower secondary or secondary level.

3) Types of examinations: (general and thematic) and oral

4) Examination Center: Gorkha Municipal Executive Office, Gorkha.

5) Examination Fee: Rs. 1000 for Savik Higher Secondary Level and Rs. 800 for Lower Secondary Level.

6) Place of application: Education, Youth and Sports Branch, Gorkha Municipality.

7) Date of first advertisement: 2078-07-12

8) Last date to apply: 2078-07-26 within office hours

9) Contact Date: 2078-07-26 after 3.00 pm

10) Date, time and place of written examination: The date of contact date will be specified.

11) Interview: The date, time and place will be specified along with the publication of the results of the written examination.

12) Documents to be submitted along with the application form

- Certified copy of Nepali citizenship.

- A copy of the educational qualification certificate of the concerned level.

- Copy of teaching license of the concerned level or higher level.

13), more information about advertising:

- Must be not disqualified to be a candidate as per Rule 10 of 2057, including amendment of Teachers Service Commission Rules.

- Candidates who have studied in a foreign institution must submit a copy of the certificate of equivalent qualification obtained from the concerned body.

- The curriculum last revised by the Teacher Service Commission can be found on the Teacher Service Commission's website

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