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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Vacancy for Headmaster and Teacher

Vacancy 03 Nov 2023 18063 0

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Notice

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Vacancy for Headmaster and Teacher

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City stands at the forefront of educational enhancement, as manifested in the progressive measures of the Education Act of 2075. This pivotal legislation, with its latest amendments, is a testament to the commitment of the city's authorities to foster an environment of excellence in education.

Key Highlights of Section 29A - The Selection of School Principals (Headmaster):

  • The Act stipulates a five-year contractual term for the principal's role in public schools, ensuring a stable and extended period for leaders to instigate positive changes.
  • Emphasizes selecting a principal who is not only a leader but also a visionary capable of implementing educational policies effectively.
  • It underscores the provision of technical support to principals, enhancing the overall student learning experience and fostering quality improvement.

For Prospective Applicants - Here's What You Need to Know:

  • The selection process is governed by the Resource Teacher Management Procedure of 2080, ensuring transparency and meritocracy in appointments.
  • Detailed notices and application protocols are readily accessible on the official Kathmandu Metropolitan City website, reflecting the city's commitment to openness and easy access to information.

The Impetus for Quality Education:

  • This initiative is more than a job announcement; it's a call for transformative leadership in the educational sector.
  • It symbolizes a robust strategy to uplift educational standards, ensuring that student achievement is not just a goal but a tangible outcome of dedicated stewardship.

Invitation to Shape the Future:

  • Kathmandu Metropolitan City invites dynamic and progressive educators to apply for the principal positions.
  • This is a clarion call to those who want to make a significant impact in the education system and contribute to the legacy of excellence.

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