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Lok Sewa Aayog Notice 2077 Shrawan 28

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Lok Sewa Aayog Building

Lok Sewa Aayog Notice 2077 Shrawan 28:

Public Service Commission, Central Office, Anamnagar, Information, and Publications Branch

Notice to fill up the application form for promotion to typist posts:

Notice No: 17 / 077-78

As per the typist classification plan, 2038, Nepal Administrative Service, General Administration Group, Rajpatra Anankit, third and second class typists have to be promoted to higher posts. This notice has been published for the information of all concerned to apply through the Commission's online application system

Promotion Ads No. and PSC Offices:

  1. 10001 / 077-75 Public Service Commission, Dhankuta Office
  2. 10601 / 076-77 Public Service Commission, Ilam Office
  3. 10951 / 077-75 Public Service Commission, Khotang Office
  4. 11301 / 077-785 Public Service Commission, Jaleshwar Office
  5. 11901 / 077-75 Public Service Commission, Kathmandu Office
  6. 12501 / 077-75 Public Service Commission, Hetauda Office
  7. 12551 / 077-75 Public Service Commission, Pokhara Office
  8. 13451 / 077-75 Public Service Commission, Baglung Office
  9. 3801 / 077-78 Public Service Commission, Butwal Office
  10. 14401 / 077-75 Public Service Commission, Dang Office
  11. 14751 / 077-785 Public Service Commission, Surkhet Office
  12. 15351 / 077-785 Public Service Commission, Jumla Office
  13. 15701 / 077-75 Public Service Commission, Dipayal Office
  14. 16301 / 077-75 Public Service Commission, Mahendranagar Office

Note: Although the demand post number is mentioned in the application in the Online Application System, the demand post number is maintained only for the purpose of joining the system, but the demand post number in this post is not confirmed.

Qualification required for promotion to the post of Rajpatra Anankit Second Class Typist

(A) Completed at least 2 years of permanent service in the post of Class III typist.

(B) Passed 10th class.

 Qualification required for promotion to Gazette Anankit First Class Typist post:

(A) Completed permanent service period of at least 3 years in the post of the second class typist.

(B) Passed 10th class.

(C) Minimum velocity is 45 words per minute in Nepali or 60 words per minute in English.

But I.A. Or similar permanent Rajpatra Anankit second class typists do not have to fulfill the condition mentioned in the above clause (a) in order to be promoted to the post of Gazette Unnumbered First Class typist.

Types of exams: - Experimental velocity test and interview.

Examination Center: - It will be as determined by the offices of the Commission related to the advertisement

Application Fee: - Rs. 300.- (three hundred)

Method and place of submitting application fee: Login to ConnectIPS system as specified in the online application system, select your bank account and submit the application fee directly to Rastriya Banijya Bank / Global I.P. M. E. Can be submitted in cash from Bank / NIC Asia.

Duration of submission of application fee: - After submitting the application online, the candidate has to pay the double fee along with the Master ID received. The fee must be paid.

Method of Application: - In all the advertised posts, the application has to be submitted only through the online system. Details on how to apply online can be viewed at

Documents to be uploaded: In the upload section of the online form, the candidate should submit his / her photo, signature, certificate of educational qualification along with

Experience is required, equivalence is required and in case of a candidate, details like experience, leave, educational qualification, etc. should be mentioned and the certified form should be scanned and uploaded.

The last date to apply - 2077-5-16 and double fee till 2077-5-23.

The age limit of the candidate: - There will be no age limit in the case of permanent civil servants.

Date of Interview: The result of the experimental test will be announced when it is published.

Job description in the post: service, group, subgroup related.

Salary: As per prevailing law.

Ministries related to services: Ministries assigned to run the administration of services, groups, subgroups.

Examination Schedule: 2077-6-10 at 8:00 AM.

Recommendations Notice:

The following information published by various offices of the Public Service Commission regarding the recommendation of the following advertisements have been posted on the website of the Commission as well as on the notice board of the concerned office and also published in the notice of the Commission dated 2075-04-28.

  • 12629-70 / 076-77 - (open and internal competition) - Health, Medicine, Gastro Enterology (XI) - Lead Consultant Gastro Enterologist
  • 1373 / 076-77 - (open and internal competition) - Health, Surgery, General Surgery (Eleventh) - Chief Consultant Surgeon
  • 17172 / 76-77 (open) Health, Surgery, Euro Surgery (eleventh) - Chief Consultant Euro Surgeon
  • 17173 / 076-77 - (Women) - Health, Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery (Eleventh) - Chief Consultant orthopedic surgeon
  • 17174 / 076-77 - (Women) - Health, Dematology Leprology and Venereal Diseases (XI) - Chief Consultant Dematology

Lok Sewa Aayog Notice:

Lok Sewa Aayog

Anamnagar, Kathmandu

Estd. 1951