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Madhesh Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy for 7th Level Technical Officer (Agriculture)

Vacancy 21 Sep 2023 3617 0

Madhesh Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Notice

Madhesh Province Public Service Commission Officer 7th Level (Technical) Promotions and Vacancies

Province Public Service Commission Madhesh Pradesh Advertisement of open, inclusive, and inter-service competitive written examination for the post of Province Civil Service Officer Seventh Level (Technical) Positions.

As the vacant posts of the following services, groups and sub-groups in the state civil service officer seventh level have to be filled through open, inclusive and inter-service competitive examination, applications are invited from candidates who have qualified as follows. Candidates who meet the prescribed minimum qualifications The application should be made through the commission's online application system

Job Openings: Technical (Agricultural Service) Officer - 7th Level


  • Agriculture, Agriculture Extension

    • Open: 1 Position (Ad No.: 84/080-81)
  • Agriculture, Botany

    • Open: 1 Position (Ad No.: 84/080-81)
  • Agriculture, Plant Development

    • Open: 1 Position (Ad No.: 84/080-81)
    • Madheshi: 1 Position (Ad No.: 85/080-81)
    • Inter Service: 1 Position (Ad No.: 87/080-81)
  • Agriculture, Agri Eco Marketing & Statistics

    • Open: 2 Positions (Ad No.: 84/080-81)
    • Madheshi: 1 Position (Ad No.: 85/080-81)
  • Agriculture, Plant Conservation

    • Open: 2 Positions (Ad No.: 84/080-81)
    • Dalit Women: 1 Position (Ad No.: 86/080-81)
  • Agriculture, Soil Science

    • Open: 1 Position (Ad No.: 84/080-81)


  • Agriculture, Fisheries
    • Open: 2 Positions (Ad No.: 88/080-81)
    • Madheshi: 1 Position (Ad No.: 89/080-81)
    • Muslim Women: 1 Position (Ad No.: 90/080-81)
    • Inter Service: 1 Position (Ad No.: 91/080-81)

Livestock and Dairy

  • Agriculture, Livestock Production & Dairy Development

    • Open: 2 Positions (Ad No.: 92/080-81)
    • Madheshi Women: 1 Position (Ad No.: 93/080-81)
  • Agriculture, Veterinary

    • Open: 2 Positions (Ad No.: 94/080-81)
    • Madheshi Women: 1 Position (Ad No.: 95/080-81)
    • Dalit Women: 1 Position (Ad No.: 96/080-81)
    • Inter Service: 1 Position (Ad No.: 97/080-81)

Food Quality Control

  • Agriculture, Food Nutrition Quality Control
    • Open: 1 Position (Ad No.: 98/080-81)


Eligibility Criteria

Basic Requirements

  • You should not be ineligible for promotion according to Section 31 of the Province Civil Service Act, 2077.
  • Mention the reference number obtained from the civil library while filling the application form.
  • Submit certified copies of educational qualifications and training.

Educational Qualifications

Candidates must meet the educational qualifications as described by Madhesh Province Public Service Commission, which varies according to the service or group. For example, for agricultural services, a minimum of B.Sc. in Agricultural Science is required.

How to Apply

  1. Download Application Form: Visit the official website at to download the application form.
  2. Fill out the Form: Complete the form accurately.
  3. Attach Required Documents: Attach copies of educational qualifications, experience, and other documents as specified.
  4. Submit Before Deadline: Submit your application to the Commission’s office before the deadline. Late applications will not be considered.

Online Application

For certain positions, you can apply online through After filling out the form, make sure to upload all necessary documents in PDF and JPG formats.

Application Fees

  • For the 7th level: Pay an application fee of Rs.1,000.
  • Method of Payment: Deposit the fee in Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited or Nepal Bank Limited using the account details provided.

Technical and Agricultural Officer Vacancies

The Commission has advertised multiple vacancies in various sectors like Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock Production, etc. The advertisements are categorized as Open, Madheshi, Dalit Women, and so forth.

Important Dates

  • Last date for Application: /2080/6/24
  • Extended Date for Double Payment: Till 2080/7/1

Additional Information

Special Instructions

  • Use only black ink during the examination.
  • For candidates who need assistant writers, contact the commission at least 7 days before the exam.
  • Equivalence for foreign degrees must be obtained from a recognized body.

Document Upload

Documents must be uploaded in PDF format. Photographs, signatures, and citizenship certificates must be uploaded in JPG format.

The Madhesh Province Public Service Commission provides a transparent process for the promotion and recruitment of Officer 7th Level (Technical). Ensure to meet the eligibility criteria, pay the application fee, and submit the application before the deadline.

For more information, visit the official website.

Notification No.: 63/080-81

Publication date: 2080/6/4

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