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Ministry of Health and Population, Gandaki Province Vacancy for Medical Officer

Vacancy 28 May 2021 2017 0

Government Job Vacancy

Province Government, Ministry of Health and Population, Gandaki Province, Pokhara Vacancy for the position of Medical Officer on contract Services.

Due to the need to fill the posts of the service group as per the details for the prevention, control, and treatment of covid disease in various hospitals within the Gandaki region under the Ministry of Health and Population through service method through interview method; A notice has been published to invite applications from interested Nepali citizens who have reached eligibility.

Vacancy Details:

Ad No. 36/2077/078
Position Medical Officer
Level 8th Level
Service / Group Health / Public Health Service
Required No.: 16 (Sixteen)
Minimum Qualification MBBS Passed

1) Application Form: The application form given on the website of this Ministry should be downloaded and filled and sent to [email protected].

2) Documents to be attached with the application form:

  1. Copy of Certificate of Nepali Citizenship, Biodata with Passport Size Photo, Copies of Educational Qualification Certificate of SLC and above, Copy of Certificate of Renewed Concerned Council, and Certificate of Work Experience in the relevant field.
  2. The applicant will have to prove himself/herself along with a copy of the certificate submitted with the application.
  3. Must have obtained the prescribed educational qualification certificate within the last day of application. If it is necessary to disclose the equivalence, the disclosure document will also have to be submitted. Applications that do not meet the conditions and conditions will not be registered.

3) Place of work: Hospitals under Gandaki Pradesh.

4) Application Fee: Rs. 1000 should be submitted along with the original voucher application form.

  1. Bank Account No. 1000100200010000
  2. Office Code No. 3500039014
  3. Name of the Office: Ministry of Social Development, Gandaki Pradesh c. Revenue Title No. 14224 (Examination Fee)
  4. Name of the bank with the single fund: Rastriya Banijya Bank, Prithvi Chowk, Pokhara.

5) Eligibility to be a candidate:

  1. Must be a Nepali citizen.
  2. In case of age, it should be in accordance with the prevailing Health Services Act, regulations.
  3. Cases related to corruption and criminal charges should not have been convicted by the court.
  4. Must not have been disqualified for future government service.

6) Job Description: The work mentioned in the work description of the related post of the service group should be done.

7) Type of examination: Interview

8) Last date to apply: 2078-02-20 on Thursday within office hours. (If that day is a public holiday, it will be until the next day).

9) Salary: Will be in accordance with the prevailing law.

10) Detailed information can be found on the information board of the Ministry or on the website of the Ministry

11) If any further information is required on any other subject, it may be requested to call the Administration Branch on 061-590247.

12) The date of the interview will be informed by phone.

First published date: 2078-02-14

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