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Ministry of Home Affairs and Law, Bagmati Pradesh Vacancy for Local Judicial Facilitator

Vacancy 29 Aug 2023 2128 0

Government Job Vacancy in Nepal

Bagmati Province Government Judicial Facilitator Recruitment: 

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Law, Hetauda, Nepal has announced a contractual recruitment process for the role of Local Judicial Facilitator in various rural municipalities in the Bagmati province. Here’s what potential applicants need to know.

Published by: Bagmati Province Government, Ministry of Home Affairs and Law, Hetauda, Nepal

Advertisement Date: 2080/05/12

Position: Local Judicial Facilitator

  • Vacancies: 71 Posts
  • Location: Office of the Rural Municipal Executive Office, Bagmati Province

How to Apply?

Application Process:

  1. Notification: The Ministry will display a notice regarding the vacancy on its official website, the Ministry’s notice board, and a National Daily Newspaper for a minimum of 15 days.
  2. Publication: Information related to the vacancy will also be available at local offices or their respective websites.
  3. Application Method: Candidates meeting the qualifications can submit applications in person or by email. A bank voucher of Rs. 400 deposited in the mentioned revenue account, the application form, and requisite documents should accompany the application.
  4. Email Applications: If applying by email, scan and attach the application form, bank vouchers, and qualification documents. Ensure to carry all original documents during the interview.
  5. Limitation: A candidate can apply to only one local level. If applied for multiple local levels, the candidate must choose one or else be disqualified.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Educational Qualification:

    • 46 Marks Maximum:
      • GPA 2.8 to 4: 45 Points
      • GPA 2.0 to 2.7: 43 Points
      • GPA 1.6 to 1.9: 40 Points
    • Bonus: An additional point for those with a Proficiency Certificate (10+2) in Law.
    • Note: GPA below 1.6 isn't acceptable.
  2. Higher Education:

    • 10 Marks Maximum:
      • Law Graduates: 10 Points
      • Graduates from other faculties: 6 Points
  3. Professional Certification:

    • 3 Marks Maximum:
      • Legal Practitioner: 3 Points
      • Accounting Practitioner: 1 Point
  4. Residency Points:

    • 14 Marks Maximum:
      • Same Local Level: 14 Points
      • Same District: 13 Points
      • Outside District: 12 Points
  5. Gender Bonus: Female candidates receive an extra 2 points.

  6. Experience in Legal Facilitation:

    • 5 Points Maximum:
      • 6 months service: 3 Points
      • Over 6 months service: 5 Points
  7. Interview: 20 Marks, with a range between 10 to 16 marks awarded.

Additional Notes:

  • Citizenship & Residence: Proof of citizenship, marriage registration (for women), and migration certificates will be considered for determining residency.
  • Excessive Applications: If applications exceed manageable levels, the committee may shortlist applicants to 50% of the total number for the interview process.

Application Deadline: End of June 2081

Application Address:

  • Physical: Provincial Accounts Control Office account no. 100010020010000, Office Code: 3140032013
  • Email: [email protected]

For further details and to access the application form, candidates are encouraged to visit the Ministry's official website:

Download Local Judicial Facilitator (Appointment and Deployment) Procedure, 2080.PDF

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