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Sudurpashchim Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy for Promotion of 11th Level

Vacancy 18 Dec 2023 1173 0

Sudurpashchim Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Building

Sudurpashchim Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Announces Vacancy for Promotion of 11th Level

The Province Public Service Commission has issued a notification for promotion based on seniority and performance for technical positions within the Province Civil Service Eleventh level. The process is governed by the Civil Service Act and requires candidates to meet specific qualifications and performance metrics.

Director Roles:

  1. Director, Engineering: Civil, Highways / General
  2. Province Director of Forests: Forests, General Forestry
  3. Director, Agriculture: Veterinary/Livestock Production and Dairy Development/Fisheries
  4. Director, Education: Education Administration

Health Sector Leadership:

  1. Director, Health: Health Education
  2. Director, Health: Public Health Administration
  3. Director, Health: Pathology, General Pathology
  4. Director, Health: Health Inspection
  5. Medical Superintendent: Health, General Health Services
  6. Chief Consultant General Physician: Health, Medicine, General Medicine
  7. Chief Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist: Health, Obstetrician Gynecology
  8. Principal Consultant Surgeon: Health, Surgery, General Surgery
  9. Chief Consultant Paediatrician: Health, Paediatrics, Pediatrics Medicine

Specialized Agriculture and Forestry Positions:

  • Head, Agriculture: Ungrouped

Key Points for Applicants:

  • Eligibility Requirements: Candidates must not be ineligible under Section 30 of the Province Civil Service Act and must fulfill educational and service period criteria as per Section 29.
  • Application Submission: Applications must be submitted by the date specified, with all necessary documentation and payment. In the event of a public holiday, the following day is considered the last day for submission.
  • Application Access: Forms can be downloaded from the official Province Public Service Commission website.
  • Documentation: Aadhaar verification is mandatory, along with certified copies of educational equivalence, if applicable.
  • Performance Evaluation: The last five years of performance evaluations will be considered in the application process.
  • Submission Details: Applications should be submitted with the required fee and bank voucher copy.

Application Process:

  • Minimum Qualifications: As stipulated by the Sudurpaschim Pradesh Civil Service Act, candidates must meet the educational and service requirements.
  • Necessary Documentation: Ensure all personal and professional details are correctly filled in the application form.
  • Study Leave/Extraordinary Leave: Information about any leaves must be disclosed.
  • Educational Qualifications: Certificates and training details should be following the Act's requirements.

Fee and Submission:

  • Application Fee: A fee of NPR 1,500 is required, along with a copy of the bank voucher.
  • Submission Location: Applications should be submitted to the designated office with the appropriate fee.

Position Details for Promotion:

The notification outlines several key positions eligible for promotion, including Directors and Chief Consultants in various departments such as Civil Highways, General Forestry, Health, and Education Administration.

Contact Information:

For further information, applicants can reach out via the contact number provided or visit the official website and email address for the Province Public Service Commission.

PPSC Sudurpashchim Promotion List (Badhuwa Suchi) Sudurpashchim Pradesh Government Job

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