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Human Library Program at SOS Hermann Gmeiner School in Pokhara

Event 19 Feb 2023 897 0

Human Library Program at SOS Herman Minor School in Pokhara

SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Gandaki in Rambazar, Pokhara recently completed an innovative program based on the concept of a "Human Library." Six places within the school premises were decorated with chairs and couches of different groups, where humanoid books of different genres came and sat on chairs in front of tables covered with white cloths. The atmosphere was calm and the readers eager to enjoy their favorite books sat in an orderly manner on the front chairs.

The program was inaugurated by Pradip Bhakta Acharya, Project Director of SOS Balagram Gandaki, and Chudamani Subedi, Principal of the school. In the first phase of the program, six guests including writer Dinkar Nepal, theater worker Parivartan, poet Taranath Parajuli, bird expert Hemant Dhakal, writer Deepak Parajuli, and engineering student Roshan Timilsina participated as open books. They shared their life experiences, interests, goals, struggles, current profession, business, and success stories with the students. The students, in turn, gained education by being its readers, asking immediate questions about things that seemed unclear.

The concept of a Human Library was first started in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has since been implemented in almost 90 countries worldwide. Chudamani Subedi, the principal of the organization, claimed that SOS Gandaki was the first school to properly use and test this program before the concept of a Human Library in Nepal. The program was organized to encourage the innovative thinking of the students who want to do something in the creative field. The guests present in the form of books expressed their interesting feeling that they enjoyed being able to clear the curiosity of the readers in the form of books.

Sahansheela Paudel, a participant in the program, found the concept enjoyable and effective because it provided the opportunity to ask questions about things that were not clear in a traditional library setting. The program was organized to benefit the students by turning the pages of the books of personalities full of knowledge and experience. This program was a direct conversation between the book and the reader, enabling students to learn directly from the lives of people related to various fields.

The human library program at SOS Hermann Gmeiner School in Rambazar, Pokhara is a unique and innovative concept that offers students an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. By organizing this program, the school has encouraged creative thinking among the students and has demonstrated its commitment to providing unique and effective learning experiences. The school's next series of programs promises to be even more organized and grand, providing students with even greater opportunities to learn from the lives of others

What is Human Library?

The Human Library is a unique concept that aims to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices, and encourage understanding among people from different backgrounds and experiences. It is a program where real people, also known as "human books," share their personal experiences and stories to readers who want to learn from their life perspectives. The human books represent various fields, such as art, culture, politics, social work, education, and more. The readers can interact with the human books, ask questions, and gain knowledge from their experiences. The Human Library program promotes empathy, tolerance, and diversity, as it provides an opportunity for people to engage with others whom they may not have the chance to meet in their everyday lives.