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SANN International College Calls to Participate in Biotechnology Seminar

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SANN International College Calls to Participate in Biotechnology Seminar

SANN International College Organize Biotechnology Seminar

At A Glance

  • Date: 12th Bhadra, 2080 (Tuesday, August 29, 2023)
  • Time: 1:00 PM Onwards
  • Venue: Hotel Hardik, Bagbazar, Kathmandu
  • Registration Link: Sign Up Here

Who Should Attend?

Attention all +2 Science Graduates! If you're a passionate individual excited about innovation and cutting-edge technology, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss. Whether you have a background in Biology, Computer Science, or specialized fields like Pharmacy and Lab Assistance, this seminar is designed for you.

What to Expect

This seminar aims to provide an in-depth understanding of Biotechnology and its diverse career paths. Hosted by SANN International College, the seminar features speeches and insights from the pioneers in the field:

  • Prof. Dr. Raja Ram Pradhananga
  • Dr. Subash Ghimire
  • Dr. Keshav Subedi

Unveiling Career Paths in Biotechnology

Agriculture Biotechnology

Discover how biotechnology is revolutionizing the agriculture sector. Learn about genetic modifications, pesticide-resistant crops, and sustainable farming solutions.

Medical Biotechnology

Explore the groundbreaking contributions of biotechnology in medicine, from personalized treatments to advanced diagnostic tools.

Environmental Biotechnology

Understand the role of biotechnology in environmental conservation, waste management, and the development of eco-friendly technologies.

Genetic Engineering

Unlock the secrets of the genetic code and learn how genetic engineering can treat diseases, improve crops, and even create new materials.


Dive into the fusion of biology and engineering and understand its applications in sectors like healthcare, agriculture, and environmental science.

Why Attend?

  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from esteemed professionals in the field.
  • Career Guidance: Identify the most promising and fulfilling career pathways.
  • Networking: An excellent platform for making industry connections.
  • Free Registration: Absolutely no cost involved!

How to Register

Secure your spot by registering through this Online Form.

Contact Us

For further information, feel free to reach out to us at SANN International College.
Phone: +9779803453184, +9779851130728

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