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Food Management and Trading Company Limited (FMTC) Vacancy 2079

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Food Management and Trading Company Limited (FMTC)

Food Management and Trading Company Limited (FMTC) Vacancy 2079: Food Management and Trading Company Limited (FMTC Khadya Byabastha Tatha Byapar Company Limited), Head Office, Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu Notification regarding filling up of permanent posts through open competitive examination

As per the consent of the Public Service Commission dated 2079-6-7 and the decision of the Company Vacancy Committee dated 2079-6-12, the vacant posts in the company should be filled permanently through open competitive examination; Interested Nepali citizens who meet the qualifications mentioned in the list are invited to apply within 21 days from the date of publication of this notice.

This notification has been published for the information of all concerned that the candidates who have reached the specified qualifications should go to the website of Food Management and Trade Company Limited through Online Application within 21 days from the date of publication for the first time. Advertisement notice is also placed on the company's website


1) Type of Examination:- Written, Interview, and other methods prescribed by the syllabus.

2) Courses / Syllabus:- Syllabus for the advertised posts can be obtained from the company's website

3) Examination Center:- It will be in Kathmandu Valley. Written examination for all posts will be conducted by Public Service Commission. The program of the written examination will be published after the time is fixed by the Public Service Commission.

4) After filling out the application form, the candidates applying in the open competition should go to the Payment tab and submit the application fee through one of the specified payment modes.

5) Application fee:- For departmental manager level-10 Rs. 2000, for Associate Department Manager Level-9 Rs. 1600, for Senior Officer Level-7 Rs. 1200, for Authorized Level-6 Rs. 1000, for Tier-5 Rs. 800, and for Assistant Level-4 Rs. 600 examination application fee will be charged, if the same candidate participates in more than one group of the same post, for level-9 and 10 additional Rs. 500, for level-6 and 7 Rs. 400, and for levels 4 and 5 Rs. 300 additional fees will have to be submitted.

6) Since there is a provision to submit the application through the online system, even if the last day for submitting the application falls on a public holiday, the application must be submitted along with the prescribed fee within the same day.

7) Exam fee will not be refunded except in case of cancellation of advertisement.

8) Last date for submission of application:- By 2079-07-03 and double fee payment till 07-10-2079.

9) Candidate's age limit:- For level-9 and level-10, 21 years should be completed and not exceed 45 years. In the case of officer level level-6 and level-7, 21 years should be completed and not exceed 35 years, in the case of female candidates, it should not exceed 40 years. In the case of assistant level-4 and level-5, 18 years should be completed and not exceed 35 years, in the case of female candidates, not exceed 40 years. There is no age limit for permanent employees in the company.

10) Salary and other facilities:- The company's employee service, conditions, and facilities will be as per the regulations, 2078.

11) Place of work:-

a) The employees who are appointed in level-4 and 5, depot offices under the company's Sudurpaschim, Karnali, Gandaki and other regional offices,

b) The employees who are appointed in level-6 and 7, branch and main branch offices of the company,

c) The employees who are appointed in level-9 will work in the regional offices of the company and

d) Employees who are appointed at the level of knowledge, head office Kathmandu.

12) Work to be done by the post:- As specified in the job description for the relevant post service, group and sub-group.

13) Probation period: 1 year, in case of women only 1 month.

14) The period of double duty shall not be counted for the purpose of age, educational qualification, training, work experience and length of service.

15) Compulsorily submit a certified copy of the equivalence determination in case of educational qualifications that require equivalence determination

will fall

16) The candidate submitting the application for the inclusive side must submit the document for opening the inclusive group.

17) The details mentioned in all the fields of the application form should be disclosed.

18) Applications that have not been registered within the deadline mentioned in the notice of the company's recruitment committee or have not reached the minimum educational qualification or other specified details have not been disclosed or have not submitted the prescribed fee or are not in good standing will not be accepted.

19) Recommendations will be made for appointment to the required number of posts according to the order of merit obtained after all the stages of the examination.

20) In the case of matters not mentioned in this notification, it will be in accordance with the company's employee service, conditions and facilities regulations, 2079, and other prevailing laws.

21) Additional documents required for candidates applying towards Inclusive Group:-

a) In the case of indigenous tribes, in the case of castes listed in the Nepal Tribal Tribes Upliftment National Establishment Act

(First published date: 2079-06-14)

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