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Lok Sewa Aayog Kharidar Vacancy 2079

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Lok Sewa Aayog Kharidar Vacancy 2079: Information and Application Details

The Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog - PSC) of Nepal has recently released a gazetted notice regarding the competitive written examination for Grade II (Non-Technical), Kharidar or equivalent post. This is an open and inclusive post, allowing a wide range of candidates to apply for the position.

Internal Competition and Open Examination:

The civil service is looking to fill posts in various services, groups, and sub-groups through internal competition and open and inclusive competitive examination. This ensures that the selection process is fair and transparent, providing equal opportunities to all eligible candidates.

Minimum Qualifications and Application Process:

Candidates who have met the specified minimum qualifications can apply for the Kharidar post through the commission's online application system, The application process is online, making it accessible to candidates from all parts of Nepal.

Benefits of Applying:

Applying for the Kharidar post offers many benefits, including job security, career growth, and opportunities to serve the people of Nepal. This is a highly sought-after position in the civil service, and candidates who are selected will have the chance to make a positive impact in their communities.

The Kharidar post vacancy is an excellent opportunity for eligible candidates to join the civil service and contribute to the development of Nepal. By meeting the minimum qualifications and applying through the commission's online application system, candidates can take the first step towards a fulfilling career in public service.

Details of Kharidar Post Examination: Written, Computer Skill Test, and Interview

The Kharidar post-examination is a three-stage process that includes a written test, a computer skill test, and an interview. Candidates who qualify for each stage of the examination will move forward to the next stage.

Examination Centers:

The examination for the Kharidar post will be conducted at various centers across Nepal. These centers include Dhankuta, Ilam, Khotang, Jaleshwar, Kathmandu, Hetaunda, Pokhara, Baglung, Butwal, Dang, Surkhet, Jumla, Dipayal, and Mahendranagar offices of the commission related to the advertisement. Additionally, examination centers for posts advertised by the Public Service Commission Jaleshwar office at Lahan in Siraha district and Birganj in Parsa district, examination centers for posts advertised by the Public Service Commission Surkhet office at Humla district headquarters, and examination centers for posts advertised by the Public Service Commission Jumla office at Dolpa district headquarters will also be available.

Application Fee:

Candidates applying for the Kharidar post must pay an application fee of Rs. 500/- for each advertisement. Additionally, candidates applying for multiple clusters of service or group must pay an additional fee of Rs. 150/-. The application fee can be paid online or by printing a bank voucher with Master ID and transaction reference number and paying cash at a designated bank.

Documents to be Uploaded:

As per the online application system, candidates must upload electronic copies of their documents in the prescribed format. The candidates are fully responsible for the details mentioned in their application.

Last Date of Submission:

Candidates must submit their application by the deadline of 2079/12/14. Double fees will be accepted until 21/12/2079.

Age Limit:

Candidates must have completed 18 years of age by 2079-12-14 and not exceed 35 years of age. Women and disabled candidates are exempted from this age limit up to 40 years. There will be no age limit for permanent civil servants.

Note for Currently Employed Government Employees:

As per the interim order dated 2079-10-20 of the Honorable Supreme Court, candidates who are currently employed government employees and participated in the examination conducted for the local level will not be subject to the age limit for advertised posts in the civil service. Such candidates will have to upload the application form in the experience section of the online application system.

Pre-Interview Exam Schedule and Date of Interview:

If you have applied for a Kharidar or equivalent post, you must be eagerly waiting for the pre-interview exam schedule and date of the interview. However, as per the notice, it will be notified once the result of the written exam is published. So, stay tuned for updates.

Job Description:

The Kharidar or equivalent post is a non-technical grade II post. The job description mainly involves providing administrative support and assistance to the higher-level officers in the respective service, group, or sub-group.


The salary for the Kharidar or equivalent post will be as per the prevailing law. The details of the salary structure will be provided in the job advertisement and during the selection process.

Service-Related Ministry:

The service-related ministry for the Kharidar or equivalent post is the relevant body appointed to conduct the administration of services, groups, sub-groups. It may vary depending on the service, group, or sub-group.

Minimum Qualification Required:

To be eligible for the Kharidar or equivalent post, you must meet the minimum qualification requirements. The minimum qualification requirements for internal competition, open and inclusive, are as follows:

  • For Justice Service, Justice/Law/Government Lawyer Group, Administration Service, General Administration Group, and Federal Parliament Service, General Administration Group: Passed SLC or equivalent from a recognized educational institution.
  • For Administration Service, Accounts Group: Passed with SLC or equivalent from a recognized educational institution with specialization in Mathematics or Law or optional accounting subject.
  • For Audit Services: Passed with a minimum GPA 2 in SEE or SLC or equivalent from a recognized educational institution.


After the implementation of the grading system, candidates who have passed the SLC or similar examination with a grade point of GPA 2 or above will be considered to have fulfilled the minimum qualification. So, make sure to check the eligibility criteria before applying for the post.

Special Notice for Internal Competition: Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

If you're looking to apply for a post through the internal competitive examination, you need to be aware of the eligibility criteria and requirements. Here's a breakdown of the key points you need to know:

Employees in Non-Gazetted Third Category and Uncategorized Posts can Apply

If you're currently working in a Non-Gazetted Third Category or an uncategorized post, you can be a potential candidate for the posts to be filled through the internal competitive examination.

Minimum Educational Qualification and Service Period Required

To be eligible for candidacy, you must have completed the minimum educational qualification required for a gazetted second category post and a minimum service period of three years, as per sub-section (6) of section 7 of the Civil Service Act, 2049.

Exceptions for Women, Tribals, Madhesis, Dalits, Disabled, and Civil Servants

However, women, tribals/indigenous people, Madhesis, Dalits, disabled individuals, and civil servants with permanent residence in backward areas will be potential candidates for promotion, even if the specified service period is less than one year.

Eligibility as per Relevant Acts

Relevant employees who have attained the required minimum service period and educational qualification as per Sub-section 14A of Section 7 of the Civil Service Act, 2049, Federal Parliament Secretariat Act, 2064 will also be eligible for candidacy.

No Disqualification as per Section 10 of the Civil Service Act, 2049

According to section 10 of the Civil Service Act, 2049, there should be no disqualification to be a candidate.

Verification of Service Period

Calculation of previous service period shall be as per Rule 123 of Civil Service Rules, 2050. For that, the service period should be verified.

Certified Copy of the Equivalence Determination Required

In the case of educational qualifications for which equivalence is determined, a certified copy of the equivalence determination must be submitted compulsorily.

Service Details to be Mentioned in Online Application Form

While filling the online application form, you must mention your service details. This will ensure that your application is considered for the appropriate category of post.

Instructions for Candidates Applying for Inclusive Group Advertisement

If you are applying for inclusive group posts in Nepal, there are specific documents that you need to prepare and submit at the time of application. These documents are necessary to prove your eligibility for the position and to avoid any application cancellation due to missing information.

Required Documents for Different Categories

Here are the documents required for different categories of candidates:

(a) Adivasi Janajati: Candidates belonging to the castes listed in the Nepal Adivasi/Janjati Upliftment National Foundation Act should provide a document certified by the chief district officer as a surname within the caste listed in the recommendation.

(b) Madhesi: Candidates who identify as Madhesi should provide a document certified by the Nepal Government as a Madhesi from an institution prescribed by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette. However, until the institution is designated by publication of a notice in the gazette, they can provide a certificate certified as a Madhesi by the chief district officer on the recommendation of the head of the local level concerned.

(c) Dalits: Candidates belonging to the castes listed by the National Dalit Commission should provide a document certifying their surname within the caste listed by the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the head of the concerned local level.

(d) Disabled persons: Candidates with disabilities should provide a Disability ID card issued by the Social Welfare Council or the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2074. Alternatively, they can provide a disability identification card issued by the relevant local level mentioning the classification of disability.

(e) Backward areas: Candidates from backward areas need to provide a certificate of citizenship obtained from the relevant district stating permanent residence in the district mentioned in (1) of the clarification section. They also need to provide a document certifying that their current permanent residence is currently in the same place from the relevant local level.

Additional Requirements for Backward Areas

In addition to the above documents, candidates from backward areas need to provide a clarification of sub-section (7) of section 7 of the Civil Service Act, 2049, and section 17 of the Federal Parliament Secretariat Act, 2064. They need to obtain this clarification from the district administration office that issued their citizenship.

If they obtained their citizenship from a district other than the district of permanent residence, they need to state the reason for doing so. If they got married or migrated to the district mentioned in clause (1), they need to provide a marriage registration certificate or a document of the local level/body that left and migrated.

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