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Nagarik Uddyan Pradhikaran Vacancy 2080

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Nagarik Uddyan Pradhikaran Vacancy 2080:

Nagarik Uddyan Pradhikaran Vacancy 2080: Open Competitive Examination for Permanent Recruitment

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, also known as Nagarik Uddyan Pradhikaran, has announced a vacancy for various positions through a permanent recruitment process. This recruitment will be conducted through an open competitive examination, providing an opportunity for Nepali citizens who meet the specified qualifications.

Online Application Process and Deadline

To apply for these vacancies, interested candidates must fill out the online application form available on the official website of the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority ( The application submission period is 21 days from the date of the vacancy notice's issuance.

Inclusive Recruitment and Application Fee Details

The recruitment process is open and inclusive, welcoming applications from diverse backgrounds. Applicants need to note the following details regarding the application fee:

  • For level 9 and 8 positions, the application fee is Rs. 1600.
  • For level 7 and level 6 positions, the fee is Rs. 1200.
  • Level 5 and 4 positions require a fee of Rs. 600.
  • Candidates applying in inclusive groups must pay an additional fee of 50% of the prescribed fee for each additional group.
  • Applicants applying only in the inclusive group should submit an open application form.

Online Application and Fee Submission Process

Candidates can access the Online Application Form on the authority's website. They need to select the desired advertisement and click on "Apply Now" to begin the registration process. The application form can be completed by paying the designated fee. In case of any delay, a double fee can be paid within seven days after the last date of application.

Important Dates and Eligibility Criteria

The last date for submitting applications is 2080/02/18. If the final day coincides with a public holiday, the next working day will be considered. It's crucial to note that educational qualifications obtained, certificates of inclusion, council data certificates, training, experience, and service periods will only be considered if acquired before the application deadline, i.e., 02/18/2080.

Written Examination and Age Limit

The written examination for these vacancies will be conducted by the Public Service Commission. Applicants should stay informed about the date of the written examination, which will take place during office hours on 2080/03/15.

Regarding the age limit, candidates applying for assistant-level positions must be at least 18 years old, while those applying for officer-level positions should be 21 years old or above. The age limit for men is not exceeding 35 years, and for women and disabled candidates, it is 40 years. However, for eighth level and above posts, permanent employees of the authority below 40 years of age have no age limit. Additionally, candidates should not have any disqualifying dismissals or be found guilty by the court in morally corrupt criminal charges.

Experience Requirements and Recognized Organizations

Candidates applying for official eighth and ninth level posts must have a minimum of five years of experience in the relevant official level positions. However, even candidates with a bachelor's degree and less than two years of experience may apply. The experience should be in the following sectors:

(a) Civil society and other government agencies (b) Organizations wholly or partially owned by the Government of Nepal (c) Development Committees constituted under the Development Committee Act, 2013 (d) Organizations or bodies established by special laws (e) United Nations, its organs, and Specialized bodies (f) Intergovernmental regional and international organizations (g) Official campuses of universities (h) Community schools, etc.

Work experience will be recognized based on a certified letter from the relevant agency. Applicants should provide the letter of appointment or

contract and a letter from the relevant body verifying the service. In addition, for experiences outside the mentioned sectors, candidates need to submit rules, regulations, guidelines, or procedures that outline the qualifications, organizational structure, and service conditions of employees at the authorized level in those agencies.

It's important to note the following regarding work experience:

  • Experience gained while working in other organizations during the tenure of a government office or public organization will not be recognized.
  • If an individual has worked in multiple agencies simultaneously, only the experience from one full-time position will be considered. Part-time work, less than 40 hours per week, will not be recognized.
  • Only periods of at least 6 months of continuous work in the same agency will be counted as work experience.
  • Experience obtained through appointments or contracts explicitly stating partial work (part-time) will not be recognized.
  • The period of serving as an officer at the assistant level will not be considered as experience at the officer level.

Required Documents and Equivalency Determination

Applicants need to attach the following documents with their application form: certificate of Nepalese citizenship, certificate of minimum educational qualification, character certificate (with no age restriction), and relevant training certificates if required. Additionally, candidates applying for level 6 or above positions must submit a certificate of registration with the relevant Professional Council.

For educational qualifications requiring equivalency determination, a certified copy of the equivalency determination is mandatory.

Cancellation of Incomplete Applications and Additional Documents for Inclusive Candidates

Applications that do not complete the prescribed procedures may be canceled at any time, and the examination fee will not be refunded. Inclusive candidates belonging to specific categories need to submit additional documents:

a. For Tribals/Tribes: A copy of the attested certificate should be submitted based on the castes listed in the Nepal Tribal/Tribal Upliftment National Foundation Act. If there are multiple surnames within the caste, the certificate should be based on the surname listed by the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the head of the local level.

b. For Madhesis: A document certified as Madhesi by a designated institution appointed by the Nepal Government, or certified as a Madhesi by the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the head of the local level, should be submitted.

c. For Dalits: A document certifying that the surname is within the caste listed by the National Dalit Commission should be submitted. If there are multiple surnames within the caste listed by the National Dalit Commission, the certificate should be based on the surname listed by the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the head of the local level.

d. For candidates from backward areas: A certificate of citizenship from the relevant district and a document certifying permanent residence in the same place should be submitted. It is recommended that these documents are obtained up to 3 months before the application form's filling date.

By following these guidelines and providing the necessary documents, interested individuals can apply for the Nagarik Uddyan Pradhikaran vacancies and have the opportunity to join the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

(Date of Publication: 2080/01/29)

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