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Nepal Army Vacancy for Padik and Billadar (Prabidhik) 2079

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Nepal Army Notice

Nepal Army Vacancy for Padik and Billadar (Prabidhik) 2079

Nepal Army, Recruitment Selection Directorate, Personnel Department, Janggi Adda Calling for applications for the posts of technical/air/various services and Billadar posts

Applications are invited to fill up the technical/air/various service pidikk and Billadar posts within the accepted posts of the Nepali Army through open and inclusive competition. Nepali citizens who meet the following qualifications are required to present themselves and submit the application by affixing a stamp of Rs.10. The application form will be made available free of charge from the Nepali Army.

Date and place of submission of application:

Application date: From 12/24/2079 to 2080/01/24 and double duty payment from 2080/01/25 to 2080/01/31 will be seven more days. The application must be submitted within the office hours of that period. If the last date falls on a public holiday, the application can be submitted on the next day when the office opens.


Central Recruitment Selection Center of Nepal Army, Swayambhu.

Application Fee:

After submitting the application form, the candidates should deposit the fee as per the following position in account number 00101000000001001001 (office code 3401313 and revenue title no. 14224) of Nepal Bank Limited and submit 1/1 (one/one) copy of the receipt along with the application form. If applying in more than one group in the same advertisement, an additional fee of 20% will be charged for each group.

[First published on 2079/12/24]

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