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Free Apprenticeship Program Registration Form Fill-up Notice 2077 - CTEVT

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Free Apprenticeship Training from CTEVT

Free Apprenticeship Program Registration Form Fill-up Notice 2077 - CTEVT

Urgent Notice regarding filling up of application form for free training in Technical Education and Vocational Training Council, Examination Control Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, Industrial Apprenticeship Training Program:

From the Enhanced Skills for Sustainable and Rewarding Employment (ENSSURE) project run by the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT); In the pre-diploma level 24-month industrial apprenticeship training program and quotas as per the details of the free pre-diploma level. For admission in the academic session 2077/078 subject to the following conditions.

This notice has been published for the information of the concerned educational institutes and all to fill up the application form from the qualified persons as per the details for selecting and enrolling the trainees in the following affiliated, clean and TECS community schools which are allowed to conduct industrial trainee training program from CTEVT office.


1) Required Educational Qualification:

A) In the case of Before School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination from Alphabetical System: Passed SLC or similar examination.

B) In case of a result of the alphabetical system: Achieved minimum E grade in the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) or SEE examination from a recognized educational institution.

2) Basis for selection of candidates:

A) The final selection of applicants will be from SLC or SEE score and interview. The score of SLC or SEE will be 50 percent and the score of the interview will be 50 percent. In order to be recommended in the admission process, a minimum of 40 marks should be obtained by getting SLC or SEE marks and interview marks. Students will be admitted on the basis of the number of students specified on the basis of merit.

B) For selection, the concerned school will evaluate and provide 50 percent marks on the basis of SLC or SEE score and there will be an interview with the participation of representatives of industry/business, Examination Controller Office, ENSSURE project, and training provider.

C) A list of main candidates and alternate candidates will be prepared on the basis of SLC or SEE marks and interview marks. Candidates shortlisted will be called for admission by public notice. If the recruitment from the main candidate is not completed, the admission will be done on the basis of merit from among the alternatives

D) In ​​case of applicants whose marks are equal, the basis of the SLC / SEE examination score will be given and if it is also equal, the qualification order will be determined on the basis of the result of the SLC / SEE examination respectively.

3) Names, Addresses, and Details of Educational Institutions Permitted to Conduct Industrial Apprenticeship Training from CTEVT‌ Office for the academic year 2077/078

Name of Institution and Address Name of Training and Quotas
Manmohan Smriti Polytechnic Institute, Hattimudha, Morang  Electrical Engineering (Apprenticeship) - 40
Janajyoti Secondary School, Lalbandi, Sarlahi  Information Technology (Apprenticeship) - 40
Bachauli Secondary School, Chitwan  Hotel Management (Apprenticeship) - 40
Panauti Technical School, Panauti, Kavre  Automobile Engineering (Apprenticeship) - 40
Balaju School of Engineering and Technology, Balaju, Kathmandu Electrical Engineering (Apprenticeship) - 40
Automobile Engineering (Apprenticeship) - 20
Madan Ashrita Smriti Technical School, Gothatar, Kathmandu Hotel Management (Apprenticeship) - 40
Pokhara Technical School, Pokhra, Kaski  Hotel Management (Apprenticeship) - 40 
Shanti Namuna Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Tilottama, Rupanhehi Mechanical Engineering (Apprenticeship) - 40
Korea Nepal Institute of Technology, Tamnagar, Butwal, Rupandeshi Mechanical Engineering (Apprentice) - 20
Automobile Engineering (Apprentice) - 20
Tribuvan Secondary School, Kohalpur, Banke  Information Technology (Apprenticeship) - 40
Bheri Technical School, Nepalgunj, Banke Mechanical Engineering (Apprenticeship) - 40
Panchodaya Secondary School, Dhangadhi, Kailali   Electrical Engineering (Apprenticeship) - 40
Bhrikuti Secondary School, Bhimdattanagar, Kanchanpur Electrical Engineering (Apprenticeship) - 40

4) Documents required to be submitted along with the application form:

1) 3 recent passport size color photos with a clear face,

2) Certified copy of the educational qualification certificate of,

3) In case of passing SLC / SEE or similar examination from a country other than Nepal, a certified copy of equivalence determined by the body designated by the Government of Nepal.

4) Certified copy of the Nepali citizenship certificate or birth registration certificate.

5) Programs related to the selection process:

A) Date of distribution of application form: From 23rd of Ashwin 2077.

B) Place to receive and explain the application form: The application form can be downloaded from the Council's website and submitted to the concerned institutions.

C) The Last date for submission of the application form: 21st of Kartik 2077

D) Date and time of interview: Wednesday 26th Kartik 2076 at 5.00 am

E) Center for conducting interviews: Related educational institutions.


If someone tries to have an undue effect by creating false assurances and illusions that the student selection process will be successful and provide the opportunity to study; Students, parents, and concerned educational institutes or CTEVT Province Offices: Itahari-Sunsari, Janakpur-Dhanusha, Pokhara-Kaski, Batwal-Rupandehi, Birendranagar-Surkhet. Dhangadhi-Kailali and the Examination Control Office of the Council, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

This information can also be found on CTEVT's website

First published on 2077-06-23


Apprenticeship Application Form.Pdf (Aabedan Form)

Latest Update: 2077 Kartik 21 (6th November 2020)