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CCA Organizes Intercollege Futsal Tournament, Inviting Students to Showcase Their Skills

Event 12 Jul 2023 719 0

CCA Organizes Intercollege Futsal Tournament, Inviting Students to Showcase Their Skills-1

Showcase Your Futsal Prowess at the CCA Intercollege Futsal Tournament

The Certified College of Accountancy (CCA) is proud to diversify the academic experience of its students through exhilarating extracurricular activities. Emphasizing on the importance of a balanced academic and sports-oriented environment, CCA is thrilled to announce an Intercollege Futsal Tournament. This event is a golden opportunity for students to display their athletic skills while engaging in healthy competition and promoting a spirit of camaraderie.

Unleash Your Athletic Potential

Scheduled for Friday, July 14th, 2023, the tournament is set to be a day filled with sportsmanship, teamwork, and friendly rivalry. The esteemed Royal Futsal will host the event starting from 9:00 AM. It is an open invitation to all students, regardless of their futsal experience. Whether you're a seasoned futsal enthusiast or a beginner ready for a new challenge, this is the platform to let your skills shine and forge enduring friendships.

An Ideal Platform for Holistic Development

CCA’s Academic Director, Diwas Silwal, strongly emphasizes the role of extra activities in nurturing the all-around development of students. "The intercollege Futsal Tournament is an excellent opportunity to engage in healthy competition while fostering teamwork and sportsmanship."

Get Set for an Exciting Knockout Tournament

The event follows a full knockout format. Teams will be selected through a random draw, with each team comprised of seven members – five active players and two substitutes. Participants need to be at the venue by 8 AM to avoid disqualification. With an entry fee of Rs. 700 per team (Rs. 100 per player), participants stand a chance to win cash prizes, medals, and a trophy.

Secure Your Spot Today

To register for this thrilling event, fill out the form here. You can either form a team or sign up individually to be placed in a team.

CCA is Committed to Your Experience

CCA is committed to ensuring a well-organized and unforgettable tournament experience. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to 01-5245126, 9801811219.

The countdown begins for a day of exciting matches, lively camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. Don't miss the opportunity to take part in the CCA Intercollege Futsal Tournament. Remember to bring your A-game and join in the celebration of athleticism and unity!

Key Dates, Time, and Venue for the CCA Intercollege Futsal Tournament

  • Event Date: Friday, July 14th, 2023
  • Reporting Time: 8:00 AM
  • Tournament Start Time: 9:00 AM
  • Venue: Royal futsal, Thapagaun (near CCA college) 


1) Game will be conducted in full knockout format.

2) Competing teams would be selected with full objectivity by picking teams from the bowl.

3) Each team would be limited to 7 players. (5 on game player and 2 substitutes)

4) Registered team would be required to be at the tournament venue by 8 AM else would be de-registered.

5) Entry fee would be Rs700 per team (100 per player)

6) Grand prize would be Rs 25000, Cup and a medal. Runner-up would be awarded Rs10000, and medals, and second runner-up would be awarded with Rs 5000 and medals.

7)Tournament would be conducted on standard applicable futsal rules.


Certified College of Accountancy (CCA)

Thapagaun, Kathmandu

Estd. 2006