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People's Campus Celebrates 42nd Anniversary

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Peoples Campus Celebrates 42nd Anniversary

People's Campus Celebrates 42nd Anniversary with Vision for Future Education

People's Campus in Paknajol, Kathmandu recently marked a significant milestone, celebrating its 42nd anniversary. This event not only commemorated the institution's long-standing presence in Nepal's educational landscape but also brought to light key discussions about the future of higher education in the country.

Key Insights from Educational Leaders

  • Addressing Student Exodus Concerns: Bhola Thapa, the Vice-Chancellor of Kathmandu University and the chief guest of the celebration, acknowledged the concerns regarding the outflow of Nepali students. However, he maintained an optimistic perspective, highlighting that the current situation, while challenging, is not disheartening.

  • Emphasis on Higher Education Needs: Thapa emphasized the persistent need for higher education institutions in Nepal, particularly in light of the country's literacy rates. He pointed out that despite Nepal undergoing five decades of political transition, which has undoubtedly affected the education sector, the need for quality higher education remains a priority.

  • Kathmandu University's Global Outreach: Informing the audience about Kathmandu University's international initiatives, Thapa shared that the university is currently offering yoga classes in India and is planning to expand its academic reach to Sydney, Australia, and Hong Kong. This move underlines the university's aim to become a globally competitive institution.

  • Views on Student Mobility and Nepali Education: Professor Triratna Manandhar, a member of the management committee of People's Campus, presented a different perspective on why Nepali students choose to study abroad. Contrary to the belief that poor educational conditions are the primary cause, Manandhar argued that the pursuit of economic security is a more significant factor. He asserted that this trend does not equate to the downfall of Nepal's education system.

  • The Role of Government and Institutions in Employment Creation: Highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts, Manandhar stressed the need for the government and educational institutions to work together in creating employment opportunities, thereby addressing one of the root causes of student migration.

People's Campus: Fostering Collective Problem-Solving and Research

  • Collective Approach to Problem-Solving: Pramodaraj Sharma, president of People's Campus Professors' Association, shared the campus's approach to addressing issues. According to Sharma, any challenges faced by the campus are tackled collectively, ensuring that solutions are comprehensive and effective.

  • Focus on Research and Student Numbers: Sharma also highlighted the campus's strong emphasis on research education. He mentioned the establishment of an investigation cell, dedicated to fostering research activities. Additionally, he pointed out that the number of students enrolled at People's Campus is significant compared to other institutions, indicating the campus's robust appeal and academic strength.

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