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CTEVT Karnali Vacancy for Instructors and Trainers 2080

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CTEVT Building

CTEVT Karnali Province Office Vacancy Announcement

The Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) in Karnali Province, located in Birendranagar, Surkhet, is currently seeking qualified candidates for technical training positions. This recruitment is on a contractual basis and is essential for enhancing vocational skills in the region.

Key Details of the Recruitment

  • For: Open to all Nepalese citizens who meet the required qualifications.
  • Application Deadline: Applicants must submit their documents within 15 days from the initial publication of this notice (Published Date: 2080/08/15).
  • Submission Process: Eligible candidates should email their application to [email protected] or apply in person at the Karnali Province Office. Required documents include educational certificates, a copy of Nepali citizenship, and other specified documents.

Further Information

  • Official Website: Detailed information about the positions, educational qualifications, curriculum, examination process, training locations, salary, allowances, and other benefits can be found on the CTEVT website at
  • Contract Duration: This recruitment is effective until the end of 2081 Ashadh, subject to further decisions.

Examination Format and Scoring

  1. Type of Exam: The selection process includes both written and interview stages.
    • Written Exam: Comprises 50 objective multiple-choice questions, each carrying 2 marks, totaling 100 marks. The duration is 1 hour, and the passing mark is 40.
  2. Age Limit:

    • Officer Level III Posts: Must be at least 21 years old and not exceed 35 years.
    • Assistant Level Posts: Minimum age of 18 and maximum of 35 years, extended to 40 years for women and disabled candidates.
    • Age Calculation: Age is determined on the last day of the application period.
  3. Equivalence: For educational qualifications requiring equivalence, a self-attested copy of the equivalence determination must be submitted.

  4. Professional Registration: Applicants for technical positions must submit a copy of the certificate registered with relevant professional organizations (e.g., Nepal Medical Council, Nepal Nursing Council, Nepal Engineering Council) if required for the profession.

Salary, Allowances, and Application Process

  1. Salary Allowances and Facilities: As per the Council's Regulations, 2069 (with amendments).

  2. Application Submission:

    • Applications must be filed within the specified deadline and meet the minimum qualifications.
    • Incomplete applications or those lacking prescribed fees will be rejected.
    • Any accepted application found non-compliant will be canceled at any stage.
  3. Curriculum: The service contract curriculum is available for download on the Council's website at (CARREER section).

  4. Application Form and Fee:

    • Application fees should be deposited to National Commercial Bank, Karnali Province Office, Birendranagar Surkhet, Account No. 4080100015528001.
    • Attach the full voucher with the application.
    • The applicant's name and surname must be mentioned during the deposit.

Examination Fee Structure

  • Officer Level III: Rs. 1000
  • Assistant Level First: Rs. 500
  • Assistant Level II: Rs. 300

Assignment Locations and Regulations

  1. Work Placement:
  • Successful candidates will be assigned to specific schools as designated by the Karnali Provincial Office.
  • Assignees are required to work only in the school for which they applied.
  1. Additional Regulations:
  • For matters not mentioned in this notice, the Technical Education and Vocational Training Council Staff Service Conditions and Facilities Regulations 2069 (including the sixth amendment) and other prevailing laws will apply.

Examination and Application Procedures

  1. Written Examination:
  • The written exam for all mentioned posts will be conducted simultaneously on the same day at a location specified by the Karnali Provincial Office.
  • Applicants can apply for a position at one school only.
  1. Application Form:
  • The form can be downloaded from or obtained from the provincial office.

Submission and Exam Dates

  • Application Submission Location: Karnali Province Office, Birendranagar 8, Awas Surkhet.
  • Exam Date: To be announced later on the Karnali Province Office website.
  • Application Deadline: 2080/08/29

Document Verification Process

  • Successful candidates in the written test must present complete and authentic certificates of the documents included in their application form on the day of admission.
  • In case of any falsification or discrepancy found in the certificates before the interview, the candidate will be disqualified, and their application will be canceled.

Required Educational Qualifications for Various Positions

  1. Assistant Lecturer (Physics): Master's degree or equivalent in Physics.
  2. Construction Instructor: Graduate or equivalent in Civil Engineering.
  3. Pharmacy Instructor: Graduation or equivalent in Pharmacy.
  4. Program Coordinator Mathematics: Postgraduate degree in Mathematics as a core subject.
  5. Assistant Lecturer Nepali: Master's degree with a major in Nepali.
  6. English Instructor: Master's degree or equivalent with English as the main subject.
  7. Agricultural Instructor (Crop Science): Graduate level or equivalent in Agriculture (Crop Science).
  8. Agriculture Instructor (Animal Science): Graduation in Agriculture (Animal Science/Animal Husbandry).
  9. Agriculture Assistant Instructor (Animal Science): Certificate level or equivalent in Agriculture (Animal Science) or passed skill test level 3 in that subject.
  10. Geomatics Instructor: Graduate or equivalent in Geomatics.
  11. Geomatics Assistant Instructor: Diploma in Geomatics with certificate level or equivalent.
  12. Lab Boy (Science): Passed in science at the Proficiency Certificate Level or Plus Two or equivalent.
  13. Construction Training Assistant II: Technical S.L.C. in Civil Engineering or passed Sosarh or skill test level 2.
  14. Agricultural Training Assistant (Animal Husbandry): Technical S.L.C. in Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) or equivalent or passed skill test level 2 in that subject.
  15. Maintenance Assistant II: Technical S.L.C. in Civil Engineering or equivalent pass or skill test level 2 pass.

Contact Information

For any queries, candidates can contact the Service Agreement Person Selection Sub-Committee at the following numbers (available during office hours 10-4 only):

  • Phone: 083523020, 083521885, 9858033020
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