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Dharmadevi Municipality Vacancy

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Dharmadevi Municipality Vacancy

Dharmadevi Municipality Vacancy

Notice of Requirements for Recruitment to Supervisors and Data Collector on the basis of Agreements for Poor Household Identification and Identity Distribution Programs

Due to the need to compile and analyze the data required for poor family identification and to distribute their identity cards to the families identified as poor families, recruitment by open competition as per the letter from the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation is required. The following sums are to be performed: Since the field of old Nepali citizens on the date 2076/09/28 brief stint in office, according to this test application to submit the application form filled out has been called. If the last day of submission of the application goes public leave, then the application must be submitted at the office on the first day of the office opening.

At the time of publishing the results of the written test, information regarding the interview date, time and place will be kept on the municipality's website. It is even requested to inform them of the matter.

Position: Supervisor - 1 (One)

  • Advertisement No. 01-076/077
  • Written Exam Date: 2076/10/02
  • Time: 1:00 PM
  • Exam Center: Dharmadevi Municipality Assembly Hall

Position: Data Collector (Gannak) - 4 (Four)

  • Advertisement No. 02-076/077
  • Written Exam Date: 2076/10/03
  • Time: 1:00 PM
  • Exam Center: Dharmadevi Municipality Assembly Hall

Required Qualification:

Minimum qualifications required for Supervisor: -

A) At least a Bachelor with a bachelor's degree in any subject, including statistics, population, economics or mathematics, from a recognized educational institution.

B) Have a basic knowledge of computers and 18 years completed and not exceeding 40 years old.

C)  In the interview, a certain number will be divided so that the residents of this municipality will be given priority.

Minimum qualifications required for the Data Collector (Gaunak) Post:

A) Have passed at least a certificate level or similar and have basic computer-related knowledge in any subject, including statistics, population or economics or mathematics, from a recognized educational institution.

B) 18 years completed exceeding 40 exceeding years.

C)  In the interview, certain members will be divided so that the residents of this municipality will be given priority.

Application Fees: - Rs.1000 only for Supervisor and Rs. 500 only for Data Collector. The deposited funds of this office should be deposited on 41395241207001 (Nepal SBI Bank, Dharmadevi Branch) with no refund and submit the original voucher.

Hot to Apply:

The application form can be downloaded from the information on this municipality's website

Contract Agreement and Period: - The term of the Data Collector and Supervisor shall be for a maximum of 5 months from the date of appointment of the person and he shall compulsorily complete the work as mentioned in the Poor Family Identification and Identity Distribution Directive 2075 in that period. (This program shall be as directed by the program on conditional matters in this regard.)

Examination Type: - Written Examination and Interview.

Salary Scale and facilities: - Will be as per the rules of the Ministry or the program will be as directed

Candidates must enclose and certify themselves in copies of the following documents: -

- Certified copy of educational qualifications, training, work experience, character certificates, citizenship certificates as well as age letters and certificates.

- Copy of standardized and accredited evidence in favor of a candidate who has received a certificate from a foreign educational institution.

- The photo of the passport size taken recently must be signed in the specified location on both the passe, form and photo.

- Copy of 6 months of Basic Training Certificate in Computer

Dhrmadevi Municipality

Office of the Municipal Executive, Mude Sanischare, Sankhuwasabha, Province No. 1, Nepal

Phone no. : 029-414006, 029-414007, 029-414008,

Email: [email protected]com


Notice Published Date: 2076/09/21

Dharmadevi Municipality

Mude Sanischare, Sankhuwasabha

Estd. 2017



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